Painful backache and also rib cage hurting too?

Hello ladies! I am currently 22weeks now and suffering from painful backaches and also pain in my rib cage! Is it normal to have pain there as I know backache is common but my ribs? Wow it hurts! Is there anything non medicinal I can do as I don't like taking pills at al, Please do let me know if you've had similar experiences, look forward to hearing from you ladies, thanks X

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  • Yes its very common as wwhere ur baby is growing ur diaphragm needs to expand to accommodate ur baby and yes can b very uncomfortable. ..I found going swimming helped me and at night having a hot water bottle but not boiling hot. X

  • Yes its normal,

    You may find doing a few "light" stretching exercises should ease the pain away from your ribs as its most likely the effects of the growing baby inside you is putting loads of pressure on your organs / ribs & etc.. .


  • Ohhhhh yeah I remember that bloody painful I found stretching out and laying down when u can helped. .. but if it gets very bad id take some paracetamol and got water bottle or bean bag

  • I'm 23 weeks and getting exactly the same. loads of back pain and stabbing burny aching just beneath my boobs (I thought it was my bra but ive got it back this morning while not wearing one) Glad to hear its very normal but sucks that we are experiencing it. Do u find sleeping really difficult with it? Ive tried paracetamol before bed, preggi pillow, everything but nothings seems to help settle me. Also are u finding it more strenuous to breathe?

    Hope u feel better soon and if i figure out any remedies, ill repost xxx

  • Hi Gigglysheep thanks for you reply. I have the exact same pain just below my boobs where the rib cage begins! It's a sharp pain and it takes me breath away as it is quite painful! I'm not finding it too hard to breathe just yet as my bump is still very tiny! But I'm having a lot of indigestion and also feeling extremely tired! Thanks for your reply Xx

  • bless ya! sounds like this is typical symptoms of the early 20's weeks. i hope it eases soon x

  • I've written a bit of an essay below! I have often seen this in my chiropractic clinic, though impossible to diagnose over the internet for many reasons, your symptoms are worth seeking manual therapy for (chiro/osteopath with a good reputation), do have a read below. Best Wishes

  • I would highly recommend seeking out a reputable local chiropractor or osteopath that is happy to examine, diagnose and treat pregnant women, some of us specialise in pregnancy and babies. The earlier on you seek help usually means the less treatment you will need (anything from 2- 15 session dependant on the cause and your lifestyle) and you will normally be given specific exercises and advice on your condition. If you are unsure ask to meet and talk to the practitioner first. My experience is that women either: are trying to do too much, have been too sedantry (usually job related - sitting down) or have a condition/old injury that pregnancy hormones/changes have started to aggrevate that they have prev iously been unaware of, there are some pregnancy conditions which are important to be ruled out, hence why it is important to seek proffessional advice. If you are able to cope with normal daily activities I would highly recommend 'pregnancy water aerobics' as its non-weight bearing, and/ or pregnancy yoga, it is important to get advice on your stretches and have someone trained to answer your questions specifically to your own bodies needs as we all experience different issue. Your local NCT may be able to offer more advice on classes. Best Wishes, from a pregnant chiropractor!

  • One more point I must add. Often the general pregnant population can feel diaphragm and back aches and pains. However, when occuring early on in pregnancy or when it disturbs sleep, or affects your breathing I would definetly recommend seeking treatment, it can often be treated by chiropractors/ osteopaths and makes life more comfortable now, later on and when breast feeding. So many pains and early waddling are considered normal when actually pregnant ladies can benefit greatly form some good treatment. Best Wishes.

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