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Feeling fantastic and very excited!

So I am now almost 32 weeks and I'm getting so excited to meet my little man!! My partner has been offshore for this past week, but is home next weekend, and I'm very proud of myself as have been managing on my own and no tears! I have also conquered the nursery!! Did it all by myself and I am so proud at how it's turned out, better than I ever expected!!

For the first time in my whole pregnancy, I feel great! No more fainting, feeling sick, no back ache and not feeling overly tired! Hoping it stays this way as don't have long left! I also found out ( wasn't supposed to!!) that my best friend is throwing me a baby shower tomorrow which is suppose to be a surprise! My auntie let it slip(on purpose) so I now know. Very excited but nervous as I am rubbish as acting surprised once I know something is happening! It is so nice of her and makes me grin from ear to ear at the fact the wee man isn't here but he is so loved already!!

I have quite a big family with several aunties and uncles. One of my aunties has been very negative towards me throughout my pregnancy. I think it is because I'm the "baby" of the family being the youngest out of all the cousins and everyone is very excited. My auntie likes to be centre of attention and my pregnancy has taken the spotlight off her. She loves making snide comments towards me and my partner and her latest was "that baby is going to be nothing special. I don't know what all the fuss is about". I would usually let this get to me but I now couldn't care less, and find it quite funny a grown women would act this way. He may not be special to her but he is special to me and the rest of the family :)

I hope all ladies, partners, bumps, and newborns are doing well! Just wanted to say thankyou to you all so far for helping me with my questions and worries. Thanks to everyone I'm actually looking forward to labour, whatever happens will happen , but just so excited for our little family to become a three :) happy, happy lady tonight - makes a change!! :) :) xx

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So great to hear you are so happy :D That's so lovely of your friend to do the baby shower....get practising your acting skills in the mirror tonight lol.

Your auntie sounds like a fool saying those things about a baby!!! You are so right to not care about it....ludicrous behaviour from an adult!

I hope the rest of your pregnancy continues to be this positive :D xx


What a nice post! Well done for getting the nursery polished off , good for you mama. My best friends did a surprise shower for me and I was so surprised I was literally shaking throughout most of it! At least you've got a bit of warning ;-)

Keep that positive attitude, not too long to go now x


Ah lovely well done and have a lovely day tmw x


Good for you babe!

Pregnancy can really take its toll on our bodies at times so its definitely great to hear you're feeling good at this late stage in the trimester :-)

As for your auntie she sounds very similar to one of my "older" siblings who since ive being pregnant with my 2nd child has been making very snide & wreck-less comments about my life its almost as if she is constantly looking for a argument.

It could be the fact that im also the "youngest" one out of 3, & she also may be starting to feel left out as she has never had any children of her own.

Anyway no need to "ramble" on about them as it seems you are in very good sprits & I hope it can continue for you for the duration of pregnancy



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