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TENS machine from Lidl

Hi everyone,

I came across a TENS machine in Lidl today for £20. I have bought it as I'd like to try and use a TENS machine during the early stages of labour. Now I'm not sure whether there are different kinds of TENS machines, whether I can use any in labour, whether it needs to be a specific kind or strength etc? Does anyone know, or has anyone used a specific one they'd recommend?


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I use one for back pain, got it from boots but the midwife said the one I have was not ok to use so I'd definitely get it checked!! X


Thanks, I think I better check!


Worth finding out - I know there are different types. Just in case you need to return your one and replace it, I've hired one from a company called Mamatens recommended from the midwife. I think it was about £25. My very naughty baby is a week overdue so it was a bit disheartening to have to phone and extend the rental for another fortnight but at least the extension is free!

Hopefully yours will be able to do the truck though x


Lloyd's pharmacy sell one online for £14, which is suitable. Just had baby on Friday night and tens was very useful! Even just as a distraction!!!

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Thanks for that info Jowarfie :-)


you definitely need an obstetric one not a physio one. For labour it needs 2 pairs of electrode with separate controls plus a boost button. you can hire them from various places.


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