Crying baby! need help!!

Hi all,

So Isabella has been doing really well so far she is now almost 10 weeks and she already got good head control, can roll over to snuggle with mumma, recognizes not just our faces, but also the place and her toys, can grab things and yesterday sat unaided for 20 seconds (quite alert and chatty).

And considering that she is growing really fast (faster than the average milestone charts), I am unable to recognize this very unsettled state which falls upon her. It did on Wednesday and we were at Sick kids as she went on a complete milk strike, she was just angry and not wanting to feed and only wanted to be out and about in her pram. Doctors thought she might have a UTI (as everything else was normal) but comes out her tests are fine !

today again, she woke up suddenly crying, and was again on milk strike for 6 hours, there was no wind or no burp that we could hear off. And at the sick kids again the doctors said that her tummy was quite nice and soft. The looked for ear infection, which was not there, a repeat UTI which was also not there.

Funnily both the times she has been happy when in the hospital and the moment we get her out of there, she starts crying with big tears and at top of her lungs, no amount of rocking, cuddling, motivating to play or to sleep or an of those damn 31 ways to put your baby to sleep(and etc like those) would help!!

She is fed both breast milk and formula, and i try to keep her to my breast and skin to skin contact as much as possible (infact sometimes I feel I did nothing the whole day except feed her). She is getting formula as top-ups (while I am on medication to increase my milk supply and I am nearly on verge of giving up breast feeding)

She is so unsettled today and looks like she completely hates me and I am feeling so distressed.

She has been rubbing her ear a lot but the doctors have ruled out any ear infection on examination - could it be that she still has one ? Or some other problem that we might not have heard of in babies so far (as this is our first child).

considering that she is only 2 and half month I am ruling out the possibility of teething so early, but could that be ? has anyone experienced or heard of teething so early in babies (I know recently a baby was born with teeth, but she was born without them like most of normal babies)

Any advise would be really helpful !

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  • Reading your post and I was thinking, what on earth could be the problem? Untill you mentioned the ear pulling! As infection is ruled out, there is a chance she is teething! It is early but not un heard of, as you mentioned some babies are born with teeth! Is she dribbly and or chewing on her fists/fingers? Hugo is doing the dribbling chewing and ear pulling along with being ratty and fussy with food! He is 14w and I'm convinced he is teething! Xx

  • ah! bless, yes she is dribbly and chewing her hand ...but just 10 wk old, so i am really confused ... how are you soothing Hugo?

  • Oooh, it is so hard to know sometimes, I do understand your bewilderment. Collection of random guesses which is really all I can offer (without meeting her!): Is she doing any 'windy' body language e.g. curling her legs up or straightening her back suddenly? If so I would try infacol and see if there is any change in her. Teething can happen anytime from birth really (or even before as you say) so is possible, if it is you might be able to feel the teeth in her gums the front four are usually first, but not for every baby. If she is very sicky it would be worth talking to your GP about the possibility of reflux causing her unhappiness.

    My first child (also a girl) was a bit like this and with her it was to do with being tired - she was very bright and advanced too and loved to be stimulated by doing things and going places but once she had had too much she would completely melt down and become virtually impossible to soothe. It was really tempting to distract her with things, (toys, making faces etc!) as this would temporarily quieten her but then she would get worse than before, going places would do the same (which reminds me of your experience at the clinic). Does your daughter sleep well/nap much during the day? We really had to battle with my daughter to get her to sleep in the day, she never actually seemed to want to sleep but she really needed it. As you ask for tips on getting her to sleep I wonder if you sense the same thing in Isabella? Things that (sometimes!) worked for us were: walking with her, quite fast, holding her quite firmly, backwards and forwards across the bedroom while patting her bottom, singing, etc - I guess going at the pace you would if you had her in a buggy because she loved the buggy too. Standing still and rocking never seemed to cut it for her. Making the room quite dark in the day with a blackout blind. Doing a mini bedtime routine with a book and a song before 'walking her down' for her nap. Holding her over a shoulder rather than laying her in our arms at first, then laying her down once she had begun to doze (a mirror was useful to check because she would scream if laid down!) Basically whatever works best for you and your baby to get you through a difficult spell. A friend advised me to try skin to skin because babies still benefit from being close to you in terms of regulating their breathing, heartbeat etc when they are older, not just newborn - if all else failed getting skin to skin in bed or both of us wrapped in my dressing gown almost always worked - it has for all of my children when they were really stressed - it's amazing. Also, if you have been trying to calm her for a while and she is still really going for it, if you can pass her on to someone else for a few minutes and take a bit of time out it will really help, your stress levels are bound to climb and that feeds her stress, if you can't putting her in the buggy and hiking round the block for 5 minutes can give you a bit of a breather. I had read a book by Tracey Hogg 'The baby whisperer' before she was born and while I wouldn't generally recommend it as it has a lot about getting newborns into a routine (which I don't think is either realistic or healthy for babies at all) she talks about 'types' of babies (again not that I think we should generalize about babies, they are all different but...). In one of her categories she describes an easily overstimulated baby who is bright and able to take in a lot from their environment but finds it hard to shut down - I really related to this and tried to learn to anticipate when she was starting to feel tired (turning away from baby gym, the VERY FIRST yawn etc.) so that I could get her to sleep before meltdown occurred! I hope something here helps, but it may be that nothing is relevant to you in which case I hope you find some answers soon. Best wishes.

  • Oh gosh your first one exactly sounds like Isabella...glad to hear from u and also I am not alone....although in my family my idea of not over stimulating her is sometime ridiculed, but a tired and crying baby always belongs to mummy.....

    I would try grabing a copy of baby wisphers and read it...though she has A great bedtime routine and she loves it --- baby yoga and baby massage

  • I think she sounds like a bright baby and when they are they are often really prone to getting overexcited. I have great brothers in law who all love babies but tend to do the overstimulating them and then handing them back trick so I know what you mean! The baby whisperer is worth a look though do take it with a big pinch of salt as that kind of book does raise expectations and if the reality is different it's easy to feel you are doing something wrong. Babies tend to settle into their own patterns later quite naturally and you can spend a lot of time and tears trying to make something happen which will come by itself. That said she had a lot of common sense and most of her advice makes sense. I also meant to say that she developed into a great napper and sleeper and was still having a good nap of 2hrs at 3 years old and then sleep a long night too - my others never managed the same so it was worth the perseverance in helping her to calm down and get to sleep! All the best.

  • Poor Isabella and poor mummy! It's so awful when you don't know what's the matter with them. Ear-pulling is a major red flag for teething to me. My son started teething at around 12 weeks (it was quite obviously teething and we could feel them under his gums) but didn't cut a tooth until 6 months. He used to tug on his ears loads, it was awful. Tips on soothing her are quite difficult as I expect all the teething gels/salts are for older babies although it might be worth having a look at the chemist. Rubbing a cold teething ring on her gums might provide some relief if it is teething.

    It sounds like she's really distressed as opposed to just fighting sleep as is the norm around this age so keep taking her to the doctors - hopefully their experience will throw up an idea that will eventually help her.

    I really hope she gets better soon, hang in there! X

  • If chomping on his own hand doesn't help him I let him chew my cleaned little finger for a while! I have a teething ring ordered should be here next week! On one occasion he woke at 4am screaming blue murder, no wind, dry nappy and full tummy! Nothing helped so I gave 2.5ml of calpol! He calmed within 5 mins and sound asleep after 15! Only given meds once though! He has been like this for about 3 weeks! Really hoping if he gets a tooth it comes soon!! Does Isabella take a dummy! Something to suck/chew/rub against the gums is supposed to help! Xx

  • No she thinks mummy is dummy :p..... And BTW I was also thinking of calpol calpol all the while, probably I would give it too if she gets cranky like today again...she was almost pulling her hair of and me too :(

  • You can by like a little rubber tip you put in your finger for lo to chew on as well. They are pretty good as you can also put bonjela on it when they are old enough to have it. Used ine with My little boy who started teething around 10 weeks but 1st tooth didn't make an appearance until 20 weeks so it can be a slow process unfortunately. X

  • Could be she could be intolerant to the formula milk but it's taken some time for it to become apparent because ur breast feeding as well. ... my son had it where he would wake up screaming for no reason then settle. ... it was random. He was about 8 weeks..and I was weaning him onto bottle milk I would try and steer clear of formulaMilk ur notice a difference within 24-48 hours of it is that. .if not then im not sure x

  • I wish that not be the case as I am on meds to increase my supply and I wish I be able to match her demand :)..... But I would ask my doc about it

  • The trouble with teething is that they come to the surface and backddown again can take a while....convinced my youngest has been teething for about 3 months lol but none yet lol sometimes babies just have off times like we all do and whinge and nothing is good enough lol xx

  • maybe worth a try on one of the Soya milk formulae. There are also expert specialist Health Visitors on the web who run excellent advice in UK especially for crying baby syndrome

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