Baby John arrived 02/10 at 20:29 weighing 7lb3oz

Well I knew birth was a trial but never did I expect to discover it's not in the end unbearably painful. what do I mean by that, turns out my back pain is worse than labour!!! started with quite regular pains at 3am. waters broke 5am. Rang triage 6am told to ring back in 2hrs. rang back 8.30am, stay at home until really regular contractions. By 10 am they were every 7-10mins. rang back, triage were still saying wait, but should maybe go in to check waters had broke. so in we went. Oh yes waters broke, but could be following day before labour established so gave me a time to come in and be induced following morn if hadn't gone into labour by late on the night myself. went home. Contractions getting closer but not regular. In end just wet stuff this. Phoned back, said still early but if want to come in and get checked fine. So in we went. Pain in my back becoming totally unbearable. Midwife triage told me in this order to 'stop panicking, it's still early, and breath slow, your hyperventilating - oh!' 'Oh?' I asked 7cm dilated. straight up to labour ward.

By this point had uncontrollable shakes. They were surprised cos hadn't cried or even let out a moan, was breathing through - had kept trying to say was pain in my back that was worse. One quick examination, wasn't 7cm now, baby was coming right now! Gas and air, tried a couple of positions (on knees took pressure off back and was so much less painful, which was good as gas and air was not enough for the pressure that had been there but had no time for anything else), and one very daft comment from me (his head was halfway out and between contractions said 'this is really very sore now), an hour and half later baby john had arrived, needed a couple of stitches but all in all straightforward. Midwife on ward not happy with triage for not listening to me earlier as she had to rush to get everything ready and our hosp bags were still out in the car but said I must have the highest pain threshold of anyone she'd met. Anyways he's a happy boy. finally allowed home late last night after feeding established and I could 'walk' enough to get to bathroom and back, which at mo is with a bit of assistance, but hopefully will improve. He wouldn't settle last night and fed every hour but no seems happy in moses basket. Just waiting on midwife before we start allowing some visitors. Hopefully will maybe get a little nap b4 then? Thank you for all your advice and hopefully there'll some more new arrivals soon x


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18 Replies

  • Congratulations my dear:-)

  • Congratulations xx

  • Congratulations! What a trooper, and welcome to the world baby John x

  • Congratulations!! Well done you! x

  • well done babe!

    Im so belated for you, I remember your last few post of anxiety.


  • Yay! ! amazing news x well done xx

  • Congratulations Hun, awesome news! Was worried about your back but you did it!! Welcome to the world baby John XxX :-D

  • Fair play u done good! Majorally high pain threshold! They should of considered ur back thou! But glad all was well in the end congrats xx

  • Congratulations xx....dis is good news all your back pain is over now, take care of your self and ur baby

  • thank you everyone. still got the anxiousness. Midwife been out and apart from slight jaundice they think will clear in a day or two baby is fine. daddy has literally worried himself sick so have sent him to bed for an hour or two (sure should be other way round lol) as need him, cannot cope on own. Walking getting worse. I got checked over and literally fell over! So looks like will be back at physio next week. Hoping will be like doc thought and will be worse first week before easing off. Can pick John up but can't carry him far or if I'm sitting with him can't get up. Still, on the up side, he's here, he's safe, and apart from being a cripple at the mo I'm in good health too, even managed half hour sleep before. and his gran (OHs mum) coming down tomoz to give us a hand so should be able to get a little more rest then x

  • Congratulations!

  • Congratulations - great to hear about the safe arrival of your baby boy :-) Hope your back improves soon x

  • Congrats Hun , it's annoying when they don't listen to you but glad ur both doing well xx

  • Many congratulations joda! Was amused to hear about you finding the silver lining of back pain in late pregnancy - it makes labour seem like a doddle! Seriously though I hope you are on the mend very soon and have lots of help coping in the meantime. Enjoy your early days as much as you can and be very kind to yourself. x

  • Well done you! Its been a long journey for you but you did it in style didn't you bird! What a perfect example of allowing your body to do what it always knew it could. Congratulations and enjoy your little boy x :)

  • Lucky you, not everybody can say the same my first was the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life hope everything is ok with you and the baby now. Enjoy:)

  • Big congrats to you. So glad to hear you are both fine.

  • Thankyou everyone :) got lots and lots of help and baby is so perfect could melt. Even when he's screaming blue murder at 3am! (Esp as daddy insisting on doing all nappys at mo and so was first to be peed on haha) DO have to stop just watching him and try and sleep more when he does, but we are getting there. Hope you all doing well x

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