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Borderline Hydramnios

Hi All,

Need ur advice. I am 32 weeks pregnant and had an ultrasound yesterday where I was told I have high amniotic fluid level of 20. I have been diagnosed with borderline hydramnios. I have been browsing on the internet and reading different stories. Anyone who has had this problem could you please help me out. My weight is also increasing and I have a big tummy.

There are still 2 more months of pregnancy and I am scared. Can the fluid levels rise during this time? What could be the effect of this on my baby??

Please advise.

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I had this with my second and was carrying big she was 9lb10 a week early and they thoughti had gd have they checked u for diabetes? I didn't have it but that is one of the signs I was taken in early and had to have an emergency section in the end but she was fine so that's the main thing. . Don't Know why it happened thou.. my other children have all been between 7-8lb.... they should keep an extra eye on u x


I had this with my second pregnancy. They monitored me and baby on a regular basis. My daughter's growth slowed and they decided to induce at 37wk 3 days. She was born the following day fit and well just a bit on the small side 5lb 13oz. She's been fine ever since and it won't be log before she towers over me at 14 years old!



I had extra fluid with my little boy and had some extra scans at 28, 32 & 36 weeks but this was mainly because he was showing up big as well. He was born naturally at 41+2 at alb 10oz & very healthy! The only extra info the midwife had told me was to ring the labour ward as soon as my waters broke/started labour and let them know i had polyhydramnious. Didn't make any difference whatsoever overall i was just very big in the last couple of months!

Good luck x


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