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Pregnacare and raspberry leaf tea!

Hi everyone just had my little monkey 3 days ago and have been taking the pregnancy multi vit from Pregnacare all the way throu I am going to move onto the breast feeding one they do but still have a few strips of the pregnancy ones left do u think they would b ok to take instead till there done? Also have loadz v raspberry leaf tea left is that ok to drink whilst breast feeding? Just h8 waste hehe x

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I would think you may need to move onto the other pregnacare vitamins as the ones you were taking whilst pregnant are different as they have the vital vitamins for a healthy pregnancy whilst the post-natal and breastfeeding vitamins have other vital vitamins both you and baby need whilst breastfeeding, I am unsure of the tea I would ask you health visitor or if you are not signed of yet from your midwife ask her advice as I have just finished drinking my raspberry leaf tea of now and my little one is 5 months but he's bottle fed and I all so hate waste lol x


Regards the pregacare, I would think it would be fine but if you are really concerned talk to a pharmacist. Preg vits tend to be higher in good stuff like folic acid and vit d but lower in vit a as its considered toxic in too higher dose for the growing baby. In real terms a general multi vit it will only be marginally different in content to what you've been taking and as you are nursing the extra vit d would be good for you anyway. Presumably you do eat food so vits are just a boost and most nutrition comes from your diet.

RLT tones the uterus in which respect it should help you womb shrink to its normal pre preg size. I've never heard of anything that says it you cant' use it while BF and I've never read any exclusions to use on the box either.

On a tangent, there are other herbal teas which help boost milk production (if you need) which you could try. I think fennel is one but I've never tried it - sounds disgusting to be frank, but I do have some nursing oil by weleda which contains fennel oil in the blend to massage my boobs (which I've not tried before).

Anyway, I'm going to be in the same boat in the near future and I'm not going to worry about it and use what I've got (sanatogen preg multi vit and RLT). I hope this helps :)


Ditto im using the pregnacare up. I'll probably move to standard multivitamin or even just a vitamin d and calcium supplement. Don't really want to fork out the extra for "special" breastfeeding ones, they have the same stuff in them and I eat a varied diet anyway.


Just stop taking them and move on to another type now you are not pregnant. Your body will need different vitimins now you are breastfeeding & remember to keep yourself well topped up with water and the extra 200 calories.


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