Restless baby?

Hi everyone my little monkey is a week old and doing really well she feeds every 3-4 hours n is putting weight on which im really happy with! The problem im having is throughout the day she feeds then maybe has a burp bit v sick or poo n then shes quite content but at night she will wake up ill feed her n then she becomes realy restless wriggling around crying making moaning noises n gurgling noises I try winding her n usually after n hour or so shell have a poo or bit v sick but is still very restless as soon as I try n put her back down in her basket shell cry so j continue to wind her maybe ofer her more milk if she looks like she wants it but each night feed is still taking 3hrs+ to settle her any advise or tip s wud b realy appreciated as the problem only seem to be at night thanks :)

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  • A week has flown by! Does she sleep anywhere different in the days to the nights? Maybe try putting something u have worn in her sleeping place so she can smell u... its a hard one when they are great during the day but restless at night x

  • It really is early days for both baby and you so try not to worry. Maybe try to shuffle your routine around. Sometimes I used to burp part way through once the hunger is sated, then put back on for pudding! Sometimes I'd change bum before feed (always if poop) and sometimes after (but mainly if I needed to). As a basic rule baby would only go back down when full, clean and sleepy and it does get a lot quicker the more you get used to each other.

    Now it just occurred to me, does your baby sleep in the same place all the time? If not try using the night time bed during the day as it will become more familiar. Mine had their cot and that was the place for them to sleep anytime they needed to. Remember sometime baby just wants some reassurance and you cant spoil them with loving cuddles. I hope this helps :)

  • If she sleeps in her basket at night try getting her in it during the day also I gound putting a hot water bottle in there 20 mins b4 I hope to put him in it cz its quite chilly and they like to b warm and snug and try having a muslin square with u all day...sounds strange but whilst at home I had it under my tshirt and let him then sleep with it. I usually feed him a bit then change him then go bk for more. Try at night to hav the room as dark as possible. .I hav just bought a little night light frm amazon. X

  • In the day after a feed do u sit cuddling your baby or put them straight down in the Moses basket? All I can suggest is do the same routine for every feed, change nappy, feed, wind, feed again put back in Moses basket. When I had my 2nd I sat most of the day cuddling him & he was a nightmare at nite. With my 3rd now she is 5weeks old & unless she is being fed she isn't out of her basket & goes 4 hrs in the day & nite. Good luck, this stage wont be for long.

  • Guilty I do spend most v the day cuddling her think I will have to try n get her in2 more v a routine

  • Or you could try co-sleeping

  • It could be colic? My lo used to suffer with it worse during the night feeds. Have you tried infacol? We used to raise the head end of the mattress slightly too by putting some rolled up towels under the mattress. Remember no matter what it's just a phase! Xx

  • The moaning & gurgling is all very normal & is just due to babies digestive system learning how to work... For most babies this lessens at around 12 weeks. You say she's very sick after a feed? Try making sure she is upright for atleast 20-30 mins after a feed or rolling a blanket up & placing it under her mattress so her head is slightly elevated in her cot. If that continues mention it to your health visitor/midwife as it could be reflux.

    The other thing that may be worth a try is infacol...


  • We found Infacol was rubbish, didn't do anything (not that I really expected a £3 pot of flavoured water to be the answer!). Colief on the other hand... That stuff is amazing! We used it for about 6 weeks before weaning our LO off it - I'm guessing his gut is now mature enough to make it's own lactase as colic free now :-)

  • My baby went through a period where he did almost the same as your bubba he also struggles to poo a bit and was so uncomfortable. We used infacol before each feed and it really helped. We are still using it and he is continuing to improve :D

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