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General moan!! Never felt so ill!! 39 + 3 weeks

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Today I am 39wks +3!! Last night I had the best sleep I'd had in months, woke up feeling brilliant and thoughtful I'd get loads done! Got the kids up and dressed, even WALKED them to school (those that have read my previous post will know what a struggle this is for me and that I havent been able to do this since they started back last month) Went & done the weekly shop, and cleanned the kitchen.

Then came lunch time and omg did sickness hit me like a ton of bricks! I haven't been able to stop since, literally 10 hours later and there is nothing left in my stomach and all I cant bring up is acid! I cant even keep water down for long!

Sorry for the long post but Cant stop crying just dont know what to do with myself!!

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Oh that sounds horrible! Sounds like you overdid it after your great sleep...something we've probably all fallen for and done! Lol. Hope u feel better and take it easy from now as much as u can x

Sounds like baby is on the way... :)


This sound horrendous, especially when you've got other children to get ready for school & etc....

It sounds like a sure sign of the baby ready to be born to me, but if you've got a bit of time on your hands today it wouldn't hurt going to see your G.P & or your nearest Maternity unit at your nearest hospital.


Yeah could kick off ur labour! ... sometimes when u do too much it makes u feel rough but to be sick..... ur have to let us know hope it is for u x

Well finally stoped being sick at 3 this morning! And have managed to keep some toast down today! Still cant really face anything more than that!

Other than baby feeling really low and some quite stong back pains & braxton hicks no further development on baby front! Oh well looks like induction on monday it will have to be :-( x

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You never know ;)

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