Too much milk? Worried!

My 6 week old is having a growth spurt. He normally has 5oz he's hungry again very quickly. Last night he had 7oz and was fine. I gave him 7 today which he took and wasn't sick. Shortly after (5 mins or so) he was crying and whimpering which was heart breaking. He did burp plenty so don't think it was that. Worried now that I mixed formula wrong! He's sleeping contentedly on my husband now but cried when I tried to lie him flat (which is usually fine). Any thoughts for a worried mum??


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  • Probably not a problem with formula, could he have a bit of colic maybe? My little boy suffered with it really bad! Even if he hurled well after a feed, he would sleep like an angel being cuddled, lie him flat and he cried :( xx

  • Thanks for replying. He's been absolutely fine until now, he settles every night in his Moses basket with no probs so can't understand it tonight. Can hear his little tummy gurgling. Bless him.

  • Hi,

    If you don't mind me asking did you decided to breast feed your baby?

    If so have you considered combining the breast fed milk with the formula milk, this way the formula could be used as a top up if he seems to still be hungry

    The reason why I asked this is because I had a very similar situation with my son when he was born in 2008. My initial decision when I gave birth to my son was to exclusively breast feed until he was about 3 months of age. but by the time he was 8 wks old he was "clearly" hungry & was no longer being satisfied by only breast fed milk.

    Could I also ask which formula are you using ?

    Could it be you may need to buy the next stage formula which may settle on his tummy a bit better than the one you're using at the moment.


  • Thanks abenaa. He's just formula fed and has first stage Aptamil. So far he's been feeding, winding and sleeping so well so can't understand it. Thinking maybe it was just too much for his little tummy?

  • You could possibly try the stage 2 aptamil, now, but try adding just a Lil' more water to the formula when do decide to change as he could may well get a bit constipated

    Good luck! :)

  • Will look into this. Just so heart breaking when they're in pain - parenting is def the most emotional thing I've ever done!

  • Hiya. They generally won't drink more than they can handle or want. When they do get a bit greedy, they tend to regurgitate the extra milk exorcist stylee lol! My 4 week old has a bit of a grumbly tummy too and at times agitated....he winds fine most of the time but still gets a bit funny. Normally until nappy explosion time lol. It may well be a growth spurt or just his little body adjusting to having more milk even though he wants it. Try not to worry....though we all do lol x

  • If he's upset lying down, could still be wind - even if bubba has burped. Could have wind in his small bowel - try little clockwise circles around his belly button, can work wonders :-)

  • Thanks to you all ladies. Just thought I'd update to say we managed to put him down in his bouncy chair and he slept for a good few hours. He's had 2 feeds since and gone down in his Moses basket.

    Hopefully just a case of him having eyes bigger than his belly - fingers crossed!!!xx

  • Good stuff! Fingers crossed for u over here then!! Hope it was just a phase :D x

  • Guessing you're up on the night shift aswell! Hope your little one is settling well and let's you get some sleep!

  • Lol yep. After 3days and 3 nights of him being awake except for 10 minute cat naps, he actually slept a bit yesterday afternoon and last night so can't complain!! Lol x

  • I got a 3.5hrs stint too! Only an hour before request for 2nd breakfast X

  • James is finishing his bottle now and dozing. Still having his poop party so I got a great nappy situation to deal with in a mo... :O lol

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