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Hi just wondering if anyone can help me work out when i concieved as it doesnt add up to me

I had my last period on the 22nd august 2012 last year became pregnant and was given a due date of 18th june 2013 i had my daughter on the 19th june..however i dont know when i concieved as there is two potential fathers i would like to find out around about when i may have concieved to rule it out before i take it any further your help would be much appreciated...also i have used an online calculator and put my due date in and it tells me i would hsve conceived around the 25th september but is this possible due to my period being on 22nd august??

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25 is right I've calculated using mine as I conceived on 7th October and my due date was 30 June though my LO was 2weeks late but I know the exact date so if ur LO was due on 18th then u deffo conceived on 25th sept x


I'd go with the Sept 25 date because your baby was born on 19 June it couldn't have been earlier than that. The last day of my period was 14 Aug and I'm due may 21st.


If you've got a copy of the dating scan it will tell you the age of the baby there pretty much to the day. They are very accurate so just work back from that date


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