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What signs/symptoms have you experienced in the few days before natural labour?

Just wondering what changes, if any did people experience in the few days/hours before labour started naturally?? Although this is baby no.3 for me I've never gone naturally, just wondering if theres anything changes that might indicated things might be progressing?? Other than the obvious bloody show, waters and contractions

Thanks in advance

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I had the best night's sleep in ages, spent the day doing all the admin I'd previously been too tired for. Was full of energy. First contraction came about 4 pm on the way out of the post office! Mind you it then took another 4 days...


So hard to say both times when my waters went I had no inkling. . Was Just another day x


I think it varies a lot. I'm 40+3 at the moment & midwife thinks it won't be too much longer for me. The pre-labour symptoms I currently have (in my 3rd pregnancy) are: semi-regular strong Braxton hicks, blocked nose, increased vaginal mucus and backache across my lower back. I've also become over emotional and my breasts feel tingly. I've had no bloody show and my waters are still intact (these didn't happen until established labour with my previous pregnancies).


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