Help! Is a rash on the breasts normal?

Help! Is a rash on the breasts normal?

Hello.. Just newly discovered I'm pregnant. As a bit of a background, I'm asthmatic and prone to bouts of eczema in winter, usually limited to the creases at my elbow and knees, and sometimes on my calves, but never anywhere else.

I'm only 5 weeks pg, but I can't think of anything else that could be causing this! The rash is on both breasts, over the whole breast (above, underneath, at sides, right by the nipple, extending all the way to the edge of the breast). It doesn't appear around my back or over the shoulders where bra straps have been, so unlikely to be caused by the bra.

It's not itchy, but feels warm, and before I moisturised one or two of the larger little patches had little flakes of dry skin in the middle, similar to what my eczema usually looks like.. But it's not itchy!

I've asked doctor google, but results were inconclusive. I don't have a midwife to call yet, and i don't want to bother my GP if this isn't anything to worry about...

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  • Hi,

    As you are still within the early stages of pregnancy it could be case of your body trying to deal with a slight change in hormones & therefore causing a flare-up on your skin, but you could still notify your G.P of this then at least they'll have it on your records for your designated CMV to see ( if she may wish)

    If you dont mind me asking is this your 1st pregnancy ?


  • Yeah, 1st pregnancy.. So I'm obviously going to freak out about every little thing. Will call the GP and let them know.

  • I forgot to say Congratulations!

    1st pregnancies are very nerve-wracking I'm within the last stages of my 2nd pregnancy & I still worry about the slightest things so don't worry about it.

    We're all friendly on this forum so anytime you feel like having a good moan just log-on here :)


  • Hi I agree with abenaa no harm in contacting your gp so its noted on your medical notes and they maybe able to give you some ointment which is safe to use in pregnancy xx congratulations on your first little one xx

  • When I was 7 weeks pregnant I got absolutely covered in a rash all over. I too get eczema in little patches at times and this was different. Doctor said that rashes are very normal in early pregnancy due to hormones and all that. I think where I do have the eczema patches at times, my skin may have just been ultra sensitive to the changes in my body.....perhaps that's the same for you too. Speak to your GP to put your mind at rest though if you want to :D and congratulations :-) x

  • My excema is usually bad in pregnancy but this time I've been quite lucky... but these lay 2 weeks I've got a rash over the top of my chest. ..really itchy as well just keep smothering myself in steriod cream and cetraban x... its Prob hormones x

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