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Been given a date.....AHHH!!!! And ouch!!! my belly button!

Hi everyone, havent been on here much recently, had wifi issues.....(i hate talk talk) ANYWAYS, had my hospital appointment today, and was given the 17th october as my induction date :O seems so close now, its weird! He is measuring absolutely fine now, hes estimated at being 6lbs13oz.....half a pound less than i was when i was born. So i am 37 weeks on this thurday coming, and will be induced 2 weeks thursday. when im 39 weeks! I just hope i start myself really. And both sides of our family doubt im gonna last that long. I hope they r right, but if ive to be induced, ive to be induced, not a whole lot i can do about that. I just cant wait to meet my little man.

Whats other peoples experiences of being induced ? My mother was induced with me and she said she didnt like having her waters broken, she said that was horrible. But i guess its different for everyone.

And yes, my belly button. anyone else experienced what feels like your baby trying to break out via your belly button? ive had it since the weekend and sometimes its really bad and then it just partner said "maybe its contractions" but its not, the pain is so concentrated just to the right of my belly button. i mentioned it to the midwife today at the hospital, they just said its stretching and nothing to worry about. Its just so uncomfortable. Anyways, im going to have a little catch up on here, see what ive missed, and if uve been following my posts, yes im still up tlll stupid o'clock. Ive just got used to it now lol. Hope everyone is well x :)

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Hey, I shared my birth story a few weeks ago :-) following induction and the breaking of my waters was fine, I'm not even sure I really noticed. If you have a question fire away, my little man was born on 14/09 Xx :-D

Here's the link

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Loved reading your birthing experience, and what a beautiful wee man! At least i no longer feel so anxious about it. It almost encouraged me reading it :) My mother was induced with me and it took her 16.5 hours after her waters being broken........i like the sound of ur induction a lot more lol Well i guess no one said it was easy. Im sure i have some questions, just cant think atm, will contact u if i think of anything :) thanks x and congrats on ur wee man x


I'm a day behind u! If They induce me ill be on the 17th too! I had a great induction with my last didn't hurt one bit having ur waters broke.. the only thing that is important is when they put the oxytocin up when and if ur body kicks in with it's own contractions then ask them to turn the oxytocin down or off make sure u let them know before they Start my previous induction didn't go so well and they didn't turn it down and ihyperstimulated.... considering I've also had a previous section was not impressed! Rubbish midwife but like I said last one was fab! X


Ohh yay! if i manage to last till the 17th, and you too, babies could share a birthday lol :) no one thinks im going to last that long, and my midwife didnt put it into so many words today, but my BP was slightly higher than yesterday (at my hospital appointment) and she said it sounds like my body is preparing......ive not had any issues with BP ever, and it wasnt dangerously high today, but enough for her to say that! I feel like shes not aloud to say it might come early lol. Well its good to hear these positive stories, as the prospect of being induced was kind of daunting to me before it was officially confirmed thats what was going to happen. Hopefully my mums experience is due to that being over 26 years ago! anyways, thanks for the reassurance, and put ur feet up if u have the chance :) x


Not a comment on inducement, but about the belly button. I've given up on mine. Haven't really got one now - baby has been determined since kick one to make sure I ended up with an outy and has almost succeeded. Is so painful when does it too, and ends up all red. Same thing, midwife said not to worry, still keep expecting to see a little finger or toe poking out one of these days though :0 x


haha, i know that feeling! Mine hasnt been 'so' bad today, but still uncomfortable, my belly button is still an inny, as my partner says, its really deep (apparently) but it has got smaller, tightened, and its thinned out! i used to have a neat little line for a belly button....those days are bloody worth it though :) think all the pains and niggles will all be forgotten about soon enough! :) x


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