Hi all!

Hey all! Haven't posted on here in absolutely ages and just wanted to get back into it again as due date looms closer! I've had a pretty good pregnancy, apart from little hiccups such as a tilted womb. Currently 33+2 and starting to get excited! I'm a FTM and feel like the last few months have been a giant learning curve. My sister is currently 18wks pregnant with her second, all v exciting for our parents. Hope all u lovely ladies have been keeping well x

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Not too much longer left for you now. Exciting to have your sister being not far behind as well :-) Hope that all continues to go well for you x

I was expecting with my sister to, it is so nice isn't it & think it brought us closer 2gether. Our little 1s r 6weeks apart. My mum was like a clucking hen. Not long left now till your little 1 is here.

It is exciting! Her little boy is 2 in jan and she's due in February.....I'm due 14th nov so they'll b born in different years. There's only 2 of us so my parents r loving it and v excited! I like the thought of the little cousins being close in age, my hubby has 2 brothers but both don't live close so it'll b nice to have them half an hour down the road! Packed baby's bag today and will hopefully get mines done this week, all getting so real!

aw dats great..if you live close perhaps they will be in the same class!! :) my sister had a baby 6 months ago so im sorta in the same boat..:) im currently 32 weeks pregnant and its all getting quite exciting and nerve wrecking.. im a FTM too..lol x

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