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Anyone had physio / manipulation for pelvic girdle pain?

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Hi there. I have developed pelvic girdle pain in the past couple of weeks - some days it's worse than others, particularly if I've had a bad night's sleep and don't feel rested, but I have all the symptoms listed on the NCT website - pain low down under my bump, sometimes at the tops of my thighs/groin. It is painful getting in and out of bed / the car etc. Hurts when I've been sat down at work at my desk and then get up to walk around. The NCT website has a link to the Pelvic Partnership website which recommends physio / manipulation to get the pelvis realigned - and that you don't have to suffer until after birth. I am 34 weeks, so don't won't to spend the next 6 weeks in a lot of pain or worse if I have options to help. Wondering whether anyone has had or knows of anyone who's had physio? Did it work? Seeing my midwife on Monday, so going to ask for a referral.

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Yes but in my area the initial physio referral was for a group session about management of the condition. It really worked well for me and I managed the condition really well. We had the option of arranging a one to one with the physio. My referral was open until after I gave birth, which is when I really needed it!

It only took a week and a half for my session after the midwife referred me x

I've got physio for this next week.. I'm 30+4 and having a lot of pain with it! Hurts more just sitting still or lying down than when I'm up and walking around. :( x

I FEEL YOUR PAIN....I had pelvic girdle & started to develop it around week 34 but just upper thigh pain in one leg so didn't realise it was the start of the condition. It got worse when the bump dropped. I left work shortly before it started to get debilitating and I was pretty much a hermit last 3 weeks as walking was so painful. I got out in car to visit people but could not get round the supermarket.

I was taking paracetamol every 6 hrs but still only masked the pain a little.

I spoke to my MW and she didn't put in my notes, I didn't ask for a referral as earlier in the pregnancy I had rib pain (before the baby dropped) and the GP told me 6 months for referral, this was so painful at time I cried frequently and thought I was going to Have to take early Mat Leave.

I birthed 2 weeks ago and there is light at the end of the tunnel, my pelvis is closing again, am a little stiff but this is a MARKED improvement on prenatal pain and suffering. If I am still not happy with the pelvis etc come the 6 wk check i will ask for referral then as my Sacral-Iliac joint is weak anyway & I have paid privately to fix this a few times. If they cannot refer or takes forever I will then pay to put it right.

My advice is to you is.....knees together when manoeuvring like getting out of bed, getting out of car, they recommended sitting on a plastic bag if your struggle to spin. Support your bump & have something between your knees when laying down to keep pelvis aligned. Take care climbing stairs, lifting is pretty much a no no, avoid activities that make if worse like Hoovering, don't stand for long periods (Basically you need to get more help from partner....mine was fantastic as he could see how much pain I was much for when I am on mat leave I'll get dinner ready blah blah blah....I just couldn't stand over a stove)

Take paracetamol as you need it. I know many women worry about taking it in pregnancy but stress hormones through pain are not good for your baby and paracetamol is safe.

I accounted for PGP in my birth plan but positioning and water was not a consideration in the end, getting baby delivered was and yes at first my hips very sore from how my legs were positioned however would it have felt like that post partum regardless? Probably but to a lesser degree? Everyone in the ward waddled and looked stiff.

If you need to know anything else please ask Xx

a gym ball will help. Doctor can refer you to physio too. Try hot water bottles/heat pillows too. Some people say a tens machine helps to. take pain killers as need. Gp can give you stronger ones than paracetamol if feels you need, but will refer you to physio 1st who will hopefully be able to ease it with exercises. Mine hasn't been, but is a bit more complicated than straight forward pgp. Keep as active as poss with in reason. Moving really does help too. Hopefully you should be able to get some relief soon x

Hi, im 23 weeks pregnant with 2nd baby and have pelvic girdle pain again. Had it from 12 weeks first time around, went to gp, saw male physio once but was just told to look at website and keep legs together!! This time ive been to gp and asked for referral and seen a woman physio who has given me three sets of exercises to do twice a day, and in the last 4 weeks ive noticed a significant reduction in pain as my muscles are getting stronger i guess. She also said i needed a support belt called a Fembrace, but ive had to go back to gp, to ask for referral to hospital surgical appliances dept to get appointment to have it fitted. So far the appointment hasnt come through so im chasing up on monday but i know a lot of people who have used this support belt and they say its a massive help. If you've not been given exercises to help strengthen the pelvic muscles then ask for them, and ask about the support belt. Physio told me that i should try and rest when it is bad, and if it is ok, do some exercise like walking or swimming (front crawl only, not breaststroke! ). The first time around i was in agony and felt had no support, and i suffered badly after birth for months and was told i couldnt have osteopath treatment as i was breastfeeding and it was due to hormones etc. this is now known to be untrue and manipulation and exercises like pilates help massively but get specific advice from physio who knows about pgp. Hope you can manage it ok. Good luck x

Hi All,

I am also looking into Treatment for PGP. I had a baby 6 months ago and the pain has spread from the pelvis area to my inner thighs and calves. has anyone with this issue tried injections and did it work?

I am amazed at some peoples experiences. Try looking up your local osteopath/ chiropractor with a great reputation and experience in dealing with pregnancy and even babies! These manual therapists are private and you can get an appointment quickly without suffering on a waiting list. Manipulation can be highly successful during pregnancy, but there are several ways to treat the pelvis, and you need to be assessed/examined to find whats correct for you and your stage in pregancy. Therefore non-proffessional advice given must be read understanding that one persons body and lifestyle may be very different to yours. Do seek proffessional advice early,. People dont realise that sitting can be stressful for certain parts of the pelvis (that may already be aggravated), a hot SPD (suprapubic dysfunction) will be agony sitting. Therefore, seek help now as these hormones are great for you during labour, and your body may just need some help now to prevent you suffering in the lead up. Something like pregnancy aqua aerobics (with absolutley no breast stroke/ screw kicks) as its non-weight bearing may be relieving, but if your pelvis is too aggravated you will need a specific SPD belt and treatment before you can do aqua aerobics to calm everything down. But do seek advice first as its impossible to diagnose over the internet and you will reap the benefits of an examination and specific advice and treatment. Do not buy a support belt without the correct advice as there are so many out there, you want one that works! Look up on sacro occipital techniques (SOT) website for your nearest specialist chiropractor if you are stuck for where to go. There are some amazing proffessionals out there. Best wishes, from a pregnant chiropractor!

Thanks everyone for your comments - great to read / get the support! I saw my midwife and she was really understanding and referred me there and then to the hospital physio. The appointment came through within a few days. Attended a group session last week with 9 other mums to be and 1 who'd had her baby already who are suffering with PGP. The two physio's running the session went through the medical / theory side of what causes PGP and then went through various exercises that strengthen the pelvis and your pelvic floor - got us all to do them and came around and individually assessed each of us. Lots of leaflets on how to manage pain and the condition. We can book one to one sessions with the physio if really bad. Can use hot water bottle on tops of legs if needed (obviously not on bump) that has helped soothe the discomfort for me. We were all given (free) and fitted by the physio with a support belt to wear when walking about - doesn't look too sexy, but have to say it's comfortable and has helped support the weight! :-)

Was also told about aqua-therapy sessions. The hospital physio department has a big hydrotherapy pool and runs aqua-natal classes 3 days/evenings a week - went to one on Thursday evening - 6 of us in class and physio in pool with us. Was great - took the stress and pain off - really helped. Small charge for the class, but worth it.

Also been told to go and see the physio after the baby is born and they'll assess me and make sure everything is going back to how it should be - once baby out they can do more / manipulation etc. For now I need to be disciplined with doing the exercises!! Still uncomfortable at times, but pleased to have got really good support from the NHS and manageable.

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