Is a 500mg pessary safe to use at 34 Weeks Pregnant?

Ladies, I was told by my doctors receptionist that the pharmacist can give me what i need for thrush however the last time I had it they gave me six tablets one to be taken every evening but this time they gave me just one 500mg pessary as that was all they had, she asked how far gone pregnant i was and then said well if the doctor said it was ok? I am not sure? My doctors surgery is closed as it is Saturday? Has anyone else had this or does anyone else know?

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I've Read its ok but use ur finder to insert it I use the soft gel pessary as I find the tablet never dissolves properly so wish u could chuck one my way I'm waiting til Monday to get one from Dr x

I used that last night as I too have thrush :( I used the applicator to use the pill as the midwife said it was ok to do so I found it a little uncomfortable as I'm 38+3 and feeling lil tender you should be fine although I agree with baby mother it didn't dissolve very well and I woke up to a white mess in my knickers ( sorry tmi ) xx

thanks Ladies, I will use it tonight and to the quite honest I don't care about mess I just cant bare having thrush! this is the second time I have had it now and It makes me itch to the point of bleeding. :-( x

I had late on in pregnancy and was given 7 pessaries to take daily as thrush is harder to get rid of during pregnancy

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