itchy raised tattoos

im around 33weeks and started to get really itchy. im putting it down to increased blood flow to the skin etc and perhaps raise in temperature, yet the lines of my tattoos are raising too to the point where it keeps me awake at night and i could tear my skin off! lotion seems to help for a while and i try not to scratch as once ive started its hard to stop and seems like it just spreads. has anybody else experienced raised tattoos?


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  • I have a couple of tattoos and thankfully I have not had any problems with them itching. Maybe it is worth talking to the midwife to see if there are any particular creams to help with itching. I would say that the tattoos have probably made that part of the skin more sensitive than the rest which could be why they itch more. x

  • One of my tattoos got a little raised spot that was itchy.....but I don't know if that was just coincidental as my others seemed unaffected. As BubbaG said, it's probably just more sensitive at the site of the tattoos for you. Hormones in pregnancy do mad things to the body and my skin in general was ridiculously sensitive x

  • It must be like the others said, more sensitive. Maybe start putting bepanthen on them as that stuff does them wonders but check with mw x

  • Have to second this reply. Bepanthen excellent for sore/itchy tattoos, but probably ought to get yourself checked. My tattoos have been intermittently itchy, but not raised at all.

  • A friend of mine became allergic to her tattoos during pregnancy! Something to do with the pigment in the inks! She went to the drs to get checked and they prescribed her piriton (cant spell sorry) and some liquid paraffin creams to help with the itching! So definitely worth getting checked out! X

  • One of mine has been raised and itchy since about 28 weeks (I'm almost 35 now) I've been puttin aqueous cream on which has helped :) x

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