Out for meal at harvester...can I safely eat the salad bar???

Not looking forward to it atall as am so sick today but have to go out for a meal tonight at harvester for my brothers birthday. Know I have to be careful with pre-prepared salads would others on here consider the harvester salad bar safe??? Been debating all day what to do. Usually love the salad but way I feel eating anything tonight is going to be a huge struggle anyway

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  • I personally won't risk it at all. For someone who ended up twice in hospital in 8 days with stomach bugs I learned the lesson hard way.

    Can you have something else instead? Surely they have other thing on thre menu, also I would call them and ask them and let them know you are coming tonight and that you are pregnant so they can make sure food is cook properly etc. most places I have been are really good at that.

  • Thanks was erring on side of caution anyway to be honest...there is plenty of other stuff on menu the salad bar is included with all main meals, you can just go up as much as you want and help yourself.....my kids love it xxxx

  • I would imagine it would be fine...everything gets washed, etc. I ate at harvester several times in my pregnancy and all was good. I mainly like to stick to the pasta stuff at the salad bar though (love it too much lol). Never had any problems x

  • Thanks.....oh so hard knowing what to do, I usually have scampi and lots of salad when I do go there all my favourite things...now obviously cant have scampi and if I cant have salad either is going to be a very weird night lol.....might ask them when I get there if it is all prepared fresh on site....I think it is. Oh the dilemma of it all xxxx

  • Yh it is prepared on site and near enough on demand.....which is why they take so damn long replacing trays when they are empty and im sitting there patiently waiting lol. My friend has worked at one for years. Do what ur comfortable with...but yes it would be weird without the salad cart! Lol x

  • You can have scampi! X

  • Can I really????? Always thought it was shellfish as like prawns and therefore off limits???? OMG I really am confuzzled xxx

  • Shellfish is fine if served cooked through and piping hot. Avoid the prawn sandwiches but scampi is fine. Enjoy!

  • Thank you think you have just made my day xxxxx

  • Prawn mayo sarnies are also on the safe list so long as not gastro-pub home made mayo stylee :-D

  • Yes - you can eat shellfish so long as it's properly cooked :-). I could not have survived my pregnancy without prawns!! Xx

  • I would of thought tucking into salad bar "especially" in restaurants is the safest thing to do.

    I can only imagine everything has been stored & pre-washed in the correct manner.

    Tummy bugs & those other nasties are usually caused by meats, fish & othet perishable foods which are maybe kept too long ( I always think anyway)


  • Thanks just know I read somewhere to be careful of pre-packaged salads...wasn't sure if salad bar was in same category....to be fair I have been so sick today not sure I am going to manage to eat(or keep down) much anyway x

  • Scampi is fine to eat as long as it is served piping hot and fresh, with prawns you can eat them hot or cold! For cold prawns make sure you buy them pre cooked and frozen from a supermarket and thaw them out properly, this way they are fine to eat! The salad bar shouldn't be an issue and if your worried you can always ask the staff about when the salad was prepared, I'm sure they could even provide you with a fresh one if you asked. However stay away from the mayo or tartare sauce unless it's commercially made (commercially made mayo and tartar sauce are pasteurised) but homemade they are raw! So take your pic tonight and enjoy xx

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