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Fluid level at 37 + weeks?

Hi ladies, went to see consultant and told her I had whst I thought was a fluid leak earlier in the week & she scanned & examined me. She said the fluid level in my womb is 9 at minute & although I was damp (sorry for tmi) she couldn't see a leak at that time so just keep an eye on it. Does anyone know if that fluid level is ok? She said it needed to be monitored but she couldn't say to much cos had seen me before as just moved here & last hospital weren't to good at keeping notes so she had no idea whst it was before. Just worrying abit.

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Hi hun, I've just googled this and 9 is normal (tried to copy the link but couldn't) I've too been feeling very damp just recently and thought my waters were leaking too but after an internal found I have thrush :( I'm 38+2 and she said to keep an eye on the dampness and were pads to measure anything if still persists to get checked again. I think it's all normal for this stage of pregnancy but this is my first so not always sure what to expect, hope that helps xxx


If anything, 9 is high (don't worry - up to a deepest pool of 8cm is normal, and ultrasound measurement is not an exact science) xx


Thanks ladies only getting a wifi signal now. Yous made me feel so much easier about it :-)


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