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Exercise balls

Hi Ladies,

I'm now 33+5 and considering getting an exercise ball for before and during labour at home.

DO I need to buy a special maternity one? Or can I just get a cheapy one from sports shop or argos?

I'm not overly heavy (12st ish last check) so don't think bursting is an issue.

Just trying to go for the cheap option as I'll prob never use again (unless another baby comes along!)

Thanks xXx

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Cheaper ones are fine - my NCT leader said that there's absolutely no difference apart from the price! Mine is just a reebok one from argos, I think it was less than £10. It's a 65cm one which was recommended so that I can sit with my knees lower than my hips. Happy bouncing!


Ive bought one for a good price on-line as my baby " @ 34 wks" gestation is apprently in a back-to back position so I should have it by next week tuesday to have a good roll around with in attempt to get LO to turn around.



I just got one from argos - think was £7. They're exactly same as ones a physio would use, don't think there is any difference except name and price. Has been the best thing we've bought, I use every day x


They had cheapy ones on labour ward...

Now having flashbacks of trying to bounce on the ball AFTER my epidural ;-D


Thanks ladies, a trip to sports direct and argos at lunch it is :D xXx


They are different from yoga type balls but the same as the kind of exercise ball you get in gyms - the difference that they are stronger which shouldn't be an issue if you are not very heavy. I had a yoga one for my first pregnancy which worked just fine but did get a puncture second time round so now have the gym ball.


visually btw the yoga type things are that shiny, balloony looking rubber and the thicker grade ones have a duller finish.


I got a rebok one from Argos, it come with a pump too. I am 34 weeks and I will deffo be using it :-) in fact I already use it to lean on when my back is really playing up x


I saw them in tesco today on sale for £3.75 for a 65cm one! Might be worth a look? X


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