Slightly confused/annoyed!! Help please

So saw my consultant today and managed to talk him in to putting my induction back so that now it wouldnt be until my due date (7.10.13) instead of tomorrow!! I asked about gaving a stretch and sweap before hand to see if my body would kick start itself and he completely dismissed the idea, refused to even examine me to see what my body is doing! Considering my curvix was soft and favourable 2 weeks ago I thought that these were sensible options but obviously not!! He also put in my notes that babies presentation is VX & have no idea what that means?? Anyone know?

Sorry about long post just needed a little rant!

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  • That means head down. . Don't know why he wouldn't I would be annoyed as well! all ur doing is trying to prevent induction. .. nothing wrong with that.. did he give u a reason?

  • Thanks! Nope basically ignored everything I said or suggested, by changing the subject! Just dont know who else to speak to about possibly having a sweep in the mean time, trying to get hold of a mw here (other than dau) is an absolute nighymare!!

  • All I can say is that if he had a bit of an attitude about the whole thing you might have had a lucky escape - I had a similar experience of 'putting back' an induction date and the consultant did an examination to see what my cervix was like and then (without my consent!) stretched my membranes in a way which my husband said 'looked like she was trying to clear a drain' - very painful and a bit of a shock! Do you have a nice community MW? I had one in the same pregnancy who came to see me at home and did a sweep for me to try to get me going before the induction. If you call her and explain what has happened and she understands you wanting to avoid induction then she might squeeze you in to clinic - it's worth a try. Is there a medical reason for wanting to induce you 10 days early? And yes VX is 'vertex' - optimum position for your baby to go with your optimum cervix, so why don't they just let you relax and get on with it, left to your own devices I'm sure it wont be long! All the best.

  • Oh, I just saw your reply - you could try contacting the Supervisor of Midwives (basically customer services if it was retail!) and saying what is going on. Have you tried sex/nipple stimulation? I would tend to think it is as effective personally - I know it is the hardest thing to do but try to stay as relaxed and distracted as you can because as you probably know stress can scupper the hormones which get things going. Keep busy but don't wear yourself out. We built a rockery in the garden whilst waiting for my daughter which helped and was a nice memory keeper afterwards when we took pictures of her next to it!

  • I have bad asthma which we're struggling to control and also am on strong pain relief as have pelvis displacia (cant spell) and could have an adverse effect on baby if taken for to long! So have compremissed with the consultant to only take these at night if he'd give my body the extra 10 days!! I have literally tried everything I can think of (and am physically able to) to try and get this baby out before I have to have an induction!! Think I might try dau early next week to see if they could squeeze me in for one possibly!! Thanks

  • Oh, I really feel for you, what a quandary. Will be keeping everything crossed for you (I'm only 20 wks so don't mind doing that!) and sending you positive thoughts. x

  • I personally would of just gone ahead with the induction u may of only need the prosta stuff just break ur waters and then they may have left u to go naturally.i dint know what the deal is with induction these days as to if ur body takes over do they just letu go with it? ..with my first I started naturally but got stuck at so many cm and had to have the oxytocin anyway. .. my asthma was awful this time and I was in hosp for a week with them trying to control it was scary. ..what is it thatu really didn't want be induced? I can only suggest lots of sex to get the cervix ripe. ...u never know it may Happen naturally in the next few days x

  • I was induced with both my pervious children, for different reasons, and had such a horrible experience both times (I dont really want to go into to much detail) im absolutely petrified about the same things happening again, even though my youngest is 4 and I know practices have changed, so really wanted yo give my body a chance to do what its supposed to do naturally!

  • Oh dear, I feel for you,

    Nothing worse than feeling like you are not being heard or that your opinion or wants are stupid!

    I would get in touch with a senior midwife of your delivery suite and try to speak to someone about what you want. xx Fingers crossed that all kicks off naturally for you and soon :-) x

  • Ditto on the induction experience - my first was induced and I declined induction with the most recent. I think if this is your 3rd there is every chance that the time you have bought will be enough for labour to start naturally (the only reason my 4th was so late is that he was back to back). Keep thinking positive thoughts - I think it can be really hard to believe that your body is going to do it by itself after you have been induced but it can and will. x

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