Cramps 39 weeks ***UPDATE***

I've been having a few cramps today. Just on and off.. Not really timeable or anything. I'm 2-3cm dilated, thinned out and I had my bloody show little under 2 weeks ago. I turned 39 weeks today so hoping this is it because as of my last post, nothing else has worked (I've tried everything to avoid induction)!! Anyone had cramps that turned into labour?


So I had another sweep today (got my induction date for the 1st). Been cramping since my sweep and had backache. Also had tightenings. Either way baby will be out before next week!!

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Woohoo sounds good im so jel! Yes mine with my first started off as period pains but a couple of hours later def contractions..... all the best keep active. .keep upright and on the gym ball if u have one :)

Aw don't be jealous hun. I'm not expecting anything to happen from this. Just can't help but wishful thinking.. I really want baby out to avoid induction. I've given up trying lol!! Maybe I am just imagining the cramping.. Is that possible? Lol! I have a ball. Away to have a little bounce :) thanks!

It could well be the 1st signs of a possible labour yeah! :)

Nothing wrong with a bit of wishful thinking "especially at your stage too LOL!!

I remember going through the same thing when I was "overdue" with my son & I was booked in for an induction & everything then Hey presto! he decided I'M COMING :)

Well hopefully tomorrow when I get my induction date he decides to make an appearance lol.

Let Us know how u get on... I'm so impatient but getting so excited hearing everyone's stories.....I can't wait x

So far just a few tightenings. I don't think it is anything though :( I may ask for another sweep tomorrow and hopefully that starts me off before my induction date!

Fiingers crossed it all happens real soon for you. I am looking forward to my one arriving now lol x

Well nothing at all. Just sleepy and hungry! lol. When is your EDD?

Def ask for a sweep don't ask don't get in hopefully having a sweep next Thurs counting the days! !

I've had two sweeps with no luck that's why my consultant wants to induce.. One more can't hurt though? Lol! Update me after your sweep please? Always interested to see the outcomes!!


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