When you know your baby brain's bad

So, one week to go until EDD. I would expect my brain not to be on top form. I've started leaving myself notes everywhere and have three calendars with everything important on and post it notes on the fridge. Started having actual big contraction pains yest (no other signs and still not regular) so bit hopeful might have some more today and more regular. However they were more on one side than the other which is a little alarming, was like part of my right side was numb. But have anaesthetist today at the maternity unit so will ask about it then.

Anyway that's side tracking. Got a phone call off my mum asking if had answered my gran about a text, which I had completely forgotten I'd got. If don't answer things at mo people keep checking up to see if I'm in hosp yet. Most conversations at mo go 'any sign yet.' then get disappointed 2 mins conversation before they remember were doing something important and say bye. So rang my gran (who in early stages of dementia) and actually had quite a long conversation. A bit random as a lot of things she was telling me were repeats or didn't quite make sense, but was nice. Then asked how I'd got on at hospital. What hospital? Had a look at calendar - had totally forgotten had anaesthetist today!!!! She'd just got her days confused, I'd forgotten completely! Hospital 40mins away and at mo I just couldn't have made the bus journey on my own. Thank goodness for OHs family is all I can say. Without them would really be stuck. When said to my OH he just shook his head, and set an alarm on my phone so I remember later. Wish could say that was patronising but I know by this afternoon I will have forgotten again! Maybe can get away with baby brain and blonde as an excuse?? :D x

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Lol u were supposed to have that conversation with ur nan everything happens for a reason hope it goes well x

haha, definitely was. Left my notes as only thing on coffee table. With luck i'll remember to take them :) x

Ha - so funny what pregnancy does to you! X

I'm a proper air head I just say best not to trust me with anything ;)


This has happend to me a good few times already during this pregnancy to the extent of going to pay/purchase something ive reserved on-line ( for example) to then look in my bag to see no purse.

Haha :)

Antenatal baby brain bad enough, wait until postnatal....

Example. I will say something to other half, he won't hear me and say, what did you say?....I will reply with...I have no idea!! He said it was only 30 seconds ago....I will say 'and, what's your point' and then we will wet ourselves laughing :-D Xx

Oh dear... I'm already doing that! Poor OH he has to work out what I mean to say half the time anyway. Like, we need, what's that word. What was it, we use it all the time, it comes in a thingy and we use it for you know, thingy - and he'll say 'milk?' lol. If postnatal worse stand no chance haha

In other news app went well, looks like if needed an epidural is an option, but more importantly they could do a local for an emergency c-sec. Although would have to decide alot sooner if they wanted to as they said will take them longer to put in. So looks like I will be doing as I'm told after all lol, well 'take advice' is what they said, but is same thing x

I'll join the baby-brain brigade this morning ladies. I cleared up after breakfast in a bit of a whirl and have just discovered the kettle in the fridge, my phone inside a box of rice crispies and a dirty coffee cup put straight back in the clean cupboard. I think it's fair to call that a total fail! X

LOL, you are not alone :D x

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