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Feeding and Settling

Evening ladies, hoping for some words of wisdom and experience!

My little man is now 5 weeks old and is formula fed - 5oz roughly every 4hrs and generally settles well and sleeps pretty consistently. question is about night time feeds. At the moment I'm taking almost 2hrs to feed and put him back down in his Moses basket. I think perhaps I'm being over cautious in making sure all his wind is gone and making sure he's 'properly asleep' before I put him down.

I'd love to hear from other Mums/Dads about how they settle their little ones during night feeds and how long you take. I'm thinking I need to work out a proper night time 'routine'!


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I was the same with my little one but after a few days I started to pop him down after he stopped bringing the wind up and he was fine now he is now 4 months has is 6oz then he sleeps from 7pm until 7 am the next morning. He used to wake up at around 2:30 and I used to spend 2 hours doing the same thing as you but I decided to try what I did with my little girl and it worked a treat now he is in an established routine.


Thanks mumofone2009, looking forward to the nights when he can sleep right through!!


Think as little fuss and as quickly as possible do u change his nappy before or after I think I used to do it before I can't remember now lol! Then feed and sleep but obviously if they poop then u have to change them again. .. that's just reminded me I haven't bought a changing mat yet my last thing on the list ha ha basically just try and keep them as sleepy as possible that's what I always did x


Its a very difficult decision to make how to settle baby's ( at the best of times) not only for the night feeds "in my view" but I honestly believe it best to go with your instincts

Baby will usually let us know when they're not completely comfortable with something like "wind" for example so as mothers we'll always be there to comfort them in the best/only way we feel best.



Thanks Abenaa. I agree that it's quite an individual thing. Sometimes I think I make more of an issue of it than it is - worrying about how much comforting he has for my own piece of mind!

The times where I have put him down sooner or when he's sleepy but still awake he's been absolutely fine!

I guess maybe the cuddles are as much for me as they are for him!!!


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