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I'm booked in for a sweep tomorrow - does anyone know if they actually work?

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Most people I have spoken to who have had a sweep aren't convinced that they worked and had to have more than one. Wondered what people on here thought about them? Do they work? And if you have a second one how soon do you have that after the first one? Thanks everyone x

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It depends what you think of 'working'. My midwife said that the idea isnt spontaneous labour. But the first one is likely to make you more favourable for the second- usually a week later and that will help if you need an induction. x x

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I had one at 37 weeks and then at 38 my waters went 3 days after basically it encourages the prostagladins which soften ur cervix and get things going my friends cousin is a midwife and if ur ready life ur body is on its way then it works her cousin said she had done sweeps on women and they have come back 5 mins later with contractions so fingers crossed for u tmw I'm having one next week :)

Ah thanks. Really hope it works as am already 6 days overdue and feeling v impatient! X

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Ur have to let us know good luck x

Oooh I will do, thanks x

I had a sweep. In the night I started having pains then stop the next day I had nothing than the following day I went into labour.

I had a sweep with my son. It worked. I started to have contractions about 2 hours later and had my baby 7am the next day. Good luck hun

You need a 'ripe' cervix - thus oy really 'works' on someone who was likely to go into labour within 48h anyway...

Im 40weeks +4 and have now had two sweeps. Needless to say they didn't work for me. But they could work for you. I had mine a week apart. X

Ha - I'm secretly hoping that when they do it they say 'oh what a suprise, you are already 5cm dilated'

I had a number of sweeps with the last one to bring him on early. Hurt so much I nearly fired myself head first up the bed into the wall! I didn't expect it to hurt so bad!!!!

They didn't work as far as I know. Pains came on, then went away again each time. There was a woman across from me who'd been having sweeps and bouncing on a ball for 3 days. I think your body just has to be ready.

I agree with DrFluffy and f3speechy - it will only work if you are on the brink of labour anyway. I had three, and they did b*gger all to bring on labour. I ended up being induced ... In terms of how painful sweeps are, I found that it differed wildly depending on the technique of the midwife. One hurt terribly, the other two not very much at all .. . Good luck - I hope it works for you!

Hi everyone. Sweep done and didn't find it too bad, bit uncomfortable but not painful. Had some more crampiing than usual tonight but nothing over exciting. Oh well, time will tell x

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