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Maternity clothes at 10 weeks anyone else need them this soon?

Well today I have made that decision that instead of carrying on with tight waistbands that dig in when I sit down to the point of really hurting, I am going to have to move into maternity clothes. Luckily I have a few pairs of trousers ready that I was given a few weeks ago and tried them on earlier and boy are they more comfy. They are all over the bump ones so nothing across my middle digging in. Not wearing them yet as a bit worried someone will notice and as no one really knows I am pregnant yet is the last thing I want. When did others make the move into maternity stuff? What do I say or do if someone does I just lie? Would think as I am doing this for fourth time I would have the answers but am freaking myself out abit about it all, probably overthinking it x

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I did as my tummy was quite swollen quickly..couldn't stand anything tight..but I hid them under normal tops till I needed to buy bigger t shirts....must say the maternity hareem trousers I bought from next sale on line are my best and most comfy buy for £10 think they may have some left! Look great with flip flops or pumps and I even stuck my ankle boots on with ethem the other day no one should notice if u wear normal tops for a bit ;)


I guess it depends on how much weight you may feel you're carrying & staying comfortable with it too

Im nearly 34wks with my 2nd pregnancy but just like my 1st baby (back in 2008) I didn't buy much maternity clothes at all as Ive always being quite a slim/ average weight girl.

I must admit with this pregnancy ive been wearing more dresses & looser clothing though as my skin has been more irritable.



Hi ya,

I am a slim size 10 but by the time I was 13 Weeks pregnant I was finding all my jeans and most other clothes really uncomfortable. Like you this is my fourth baby. I went to new look and bought some bits and was in them from 14 weeks.

It does not matter that they are maternity, what matters is that you are comfortable. :-) New look online have some sale maternity bit so log on and check them out.

And if anyone notices then say yes I am pregnant with a big smile :-) Unless you don't want them to know... in that case tell them....... HOW RUDE! lol...

Your pregnant, embrace it hun xx


I managed to get away with just buying 5 tops as when I was heavily pregnant it was summer so I just lived in my summer dresses like maxi dresses tht had a bit of give and I pretty much live in leggings so I didn't really need any bottoms but the tops I did buy from new look and h & m were really gd quality. lot of shops have sales on right now so maybe have a look online at next as might b able to pick up few bargains. x


I'm pregnant with my 2nd and notice that i seemed to be getting bigger much earlier on and somebody said to me that its quite common after your 1st as your tummy has already stretched! If its true or not i don't know but i'm 14 weeks and in the maternity wear for work already its much more comfy i put it down to the fact tailored clothing doesn't stretch so feels tighter quicker!!


Thanks all, I wear baggy tops anyway so shouldn't need any of these for quite a while just cant stand anything around my tummy already the bit of waist I did have has already vanished. Cant remember needing maternity stuff this early before but was a long time ago so hard to remember.

I really don't want all the Mums in school playground to find out I am pregnant just yet...not that I am not happy and proud, but still a bit early and I have had miscarriages before, so trying to keep it quiet for as long as possible just so as not to be brunt of school gossips lol. Also as I am older and my children are older am sure there will be some Mums with opinions on my pregnancy.

Thanks for advice on next and new look sales...will def be checking those out xxx


Hi, I was the same as you, finding my jeans and trousers tight at 10 weeks. This was mainly because I found I was so bloated. I bought some maternity jeans at 10 weeks from H&M and they fit me perfectly, with the added bonus of haing that extra stretchy band for comfort. I will probably get away with wearing them after the birth too. Have a look at Matalan too when you go shopping x


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