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weird movements?

even though we are now showing lots of signs of getting ready to arrive my little monster still loves moving as much as possible and using ALL the space whenever gets chance, sliding back into position whenever runs out of energy. But this morning (after our usual nap) having some very odd feelings. Know the baby is head down in my pelvis, slightly leaning to the left (and isn't a big baby). Kicking and thumping me as per normal, cab see the shape and feel everything. already knows has ticklish feet, if you just give slightest touch shoots away (just like me lol). BUT have feelings so similar up under my ribs. Quite far under ribs actually almost as far up as breasts. I know that sometimes can get feeling of kicks in places where kicks aren't, not at all painful but feels really weird. Anyone else had this or know what could be? x

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Im now approaching my 34th wk of pregnancy this friday & even though my "bump" is still quite small it seems "she" still finds some room to move from head down "cephalic" to side to side most days.

Just like you mentioned too its not painful but just feels very weird & uncomfortable at times especially when im sitting down " i get/feel this sort of rubbing/niggling sensation in my ribs.



I am 34 Weeks and my baby girl is constantly up in my ribs, very uncomfortable. I seem to spend most of my time leaning back or laying down :-)

Although when I am up and walking about she goes really low and I am now having problems with my pelvic floor. YUK!

Not a happy pregnant woman today x


does enjoy kicking me in the ribs, but is weird cos know that baby isn't up there today. Is to busy trying to get out of pelvis (does not seem to like it down there at all) - is currently trying to turn round again so quite uncomfortable. Have a small bump and def only one in there lol. Maybe it's 'referred' movements.

BubbaG hope you feeling better soon. At least you're on the last stretch now, though have to say at nearly 39 weeks seems to be dragging the closer I'm getting, but that's probably just because I'm so impatient!! x


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