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Being Induced

I just read something that really resonated with me. .. when I had my 3 child I was induced as I had to give birth within 24 hours due to strep b.... anyway when ur induced u can hyper stimulate as ur contractions and the oxytocin work together. .. Before this point u should make clear that when the midwives know that ur contractions from ur own body have kicked in nicely to turn the oxytocin off and let ur body so the work. ...I so wish I had my midwife was crap and considering id had a previous section should really of been on the ball. ... it was a awful experience which I complained about and when I had my second son the midwife was amazing she was so on the ball as soon as she saw my body taking over she turned it off and I had an amazing delivery....I think sometimes we need to have all the facts as sometimes u get these complacent midwives who clearly shouldn't be doing the job as u can tell their heart isn't in it which is so important when u are going thru the most emotional and special time in ur life....u need someone who gives a damn! Sorry just needed to get this off my chest :)

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I've been reading about being induced too, and from all I can understand its an undesirable process. I may be looking at a formal induction with no3 and have only realised this time round that with no1 and no2 I'd had more subtle interventions (amniohook -no1, sweep -no2). Reflecting on my experience both labours were quick and intense probably due to the extra poking and proding!

Also I can't help but think that when women are ushered into hospital to have their babies its not all for their benefit; you're on premium hospital time and that has a massive impact on the attitude to care (with no1 I was forgotten because someone else was more important and when they realised that my baby was struggling I'd never seen a room fill so fast or a bed fall apart so quickly in my life!).

In France 41 weeks is accepted as full term and in other countries even longer, up to 43 weeks is considered full term. I think there is a lot of pressure on women to produce a child to the obligatory '40 week rule' and if your outside of that then you're a problem. Its a shame that in this day and age accurate conception dates aren't given - scans are a reasonable benchmark but not specific to an individuals biology, there is still room for error, yet these are revered as absolute truth.

This time round, I'm doing my part to prepare my body and mind, in the hope that baby no3 will not be pressured to arrive before time (and I will remember your comment on oxytocin Babymother, thanks). I can not emphasize how important it is to make an informed choice about the treatment a woman receives during labour and birth and even beyond because too many seemingly minor procedures are the 'norm' or 'policy'. Never be affraid to ask why and weigh up the risks and benefits for yourself before yielding to the will of the establishment.

However confusing choice with control is equally as unhealthy in my view. As my final word on this matter birth is a natural phenomenon, beyond control of the individual, we can make choices but not control the situation, therefore there are times when, as women, we need to be grateful for medical intervention especially when it saves life.

That's it, rant over, I hope it makes sense! :)


I didn't have the oxytocin body did all the work once they broke my waters after 1st phase of induction to get cervix ready, I was already 75% effaced & 1-2cm dilated when 24hr Prostin pessary went in :-) Waters broken 3hrs to fully dilated another 1hr 40 to get him out, I said I would do it in 30 mins when I was given the gas/air at 9cm but it slowed my contractions so I had to control my intake and I only took a few breaths before a push and 2 after to relax me to prepare for next. He also came out head/arm 1st so that hindered the delivery.

1st baby....I have a handsome little dude to show for all that was endured over the months...An awesome & surreal experience!!! Xx


I know that we have no Control but the 3rd birth was so or of control the midwife didn't care... even when they pressed the emergency Bell and and everyone rushed in because theythought myscar had ruptured she was so not interested even to when I was left on labour Ward as they were full on the ward I should of been on I'd over weed my catheter and wasleft in my blood from the birth and wee i buzzed and she came in said they were busy stuck a pad between my legs and walkedout i had him around 9pm and no one came to clean me up till 5 am... so I was left on my own in shock crying and trying to take it all was a wreck cos he thought one of us had died and was so shaken up he said he couldn't stay listening to all the women screaming so fat lot of good he was! In hindsight wish I'd phoned my friend to come and be with me. ..I felt abandoned by everyone. .. when I got pregnant again i complained and cried recalling the experience and then they were amazing.... so in a way i feel i need to have some control over it and making sure everything is in place and i have a good midwife like my last labour....i just need to go over it again with my consultant so she remembers... just talking about here has made me emotional... but That's what I'm hoping for this time but I wasnt given the choice they just said they were putting oxytocin up wish I had asked to see if my body just done it by itself...all questions for my consultant next week. .. think she is going to be sick of me buti have so many issue's and worries and like I said as it is getting nearer my worries are starting to creep up on me ... and yes he is a cutie all that hair love the hairstyle x


That sounds horrible, poor you :-( I got emotional reading it!! I hope this time you get the perfect birth for all your sakes Xx


I totally respect your strength. You have had bad experiences and this time around you are taking as much control as you possibly can. Don't feel bad to drive them mad. (continue) for as long as it takes to make you feel better. I know in my case, my hospital experiences were so bad that this time I have opted for a home birth (all being well) I have my 34 week appointment this friday and I have a list as long as my arm to throw at the midwife. xxx


Oh ur experience described here sounds awful! I hope you get the experience you want again this time x


I am really surprised they would have induced you after a previous C-section. My first baby was induced...which all went horribly wrong and I ended up with an emergency C-section under general which I hated. When I then got pregnant again and they knew I would need to be delivered early(due to having cholestasis) they told me if I went into labour by myself before they needed to deliver me then I could try for a natural birth but if not I had to have a C-section as they could not induce me as induction can be so intense there is more chance of the scar rupturing.....I ended up with a second C-section even though its not what I wanted. Third baby then had to be another C-section as I had already had two. I must admit from my experience of being induced I would never recommend it to anyone...obviously there are times when it is necessary for medical reasons but if there is a choice I would always suggest waiting it out for as long as possible first.

Good luck with your consultant next week...what is it with us Mums always feeling bad if we have to ask questions or basically let them know how we want things to happen....I am exactly the same as you, don't like making a fuss but at the end of the day it is our right to ask those questions and put our feelings forwards to be listened to...its our babies...its our bodies. xxxx


That's What I thought but with my 3rd my waters had gone no contraction and because of strep b they said I needed to have baby within 24 hours and I could do it natural or section I was booked in for induction at 39 weeks I just assumed they don't use the prosta stuff cos my consultant was happy for this to happen but u have to be closely monitored which I wasn't. .. my friend went for a natural after a 10 year gap of having a section and her scar ruptured cos her baby was 10lb ... I don't think it's worth the risk if u have a big baby well I wouldn't take the risk an 8lb is my limit!


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