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Could I be pregnant.. Again..?

Hi ladies I'm a bit worried and need some advice.

Background info... I'm 20 with two kids, my oldest nearly 3 and my new little baby of 3 months, both of them conceived accidently on the mini pill. I live with my partner (father to my youngest) and live 45 mins away from any other family/freinds/support. ATM I'm a sahm but want to get back to work ASAP. I've also been suffering with depression due to being isolated from freinds and family.

I'm a bit worried, we'll actually I'm terrified, that I may be pregnant again. I've been taking the mini pill again for around a month and a Half but missed a few days, I haven't had a period since child birth but the mini pill has always stopped my periods. we'd had sex a few times using a condom but last Sunday ( the 15th) we had sex without protection. I know it was beyond stupid.

Yesterday I noticed spots of brown blood in my underwear, I wiped and the was a little more, I put a pad on thinking I was starting my period but throughout the day there was just one more drop of brown blood and nothing more since. I'm petrified that this was implantation bleeding and that I'm pregnant again.

We're not in the position to have another baby yet, financially or emotionally, I'm finding it stressful enough as it is. If I am, I don't know if I could have a abortion, I'd effectively be killing my child, I can't stomach the thought of that. But to have another baby so soon? Could I cope!? What would everyone think of me? That would be my childbearing days over so soon. I kind of wanted to save anther child for later on in life once I'd got a career. And my partner.... He'd hit the roof, either way Id be to scarred / ashamed to tell him, I'd have to go through an abortion on my own or keep it and move back to my dads for support. I just don't know what to do ...

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its probably where you have missed the pill and had some breakthrough bleeding but obviously there is a chance you can be pregnant...you need to take a test and see your gp and have a chat to them maybe they could do a blood test sooner so u will know one way or the other....you are more fertile once you have had a baby, its just one of these things you have to face head on....and dont go thru it on your own what ever you decide you shouldnt feel guilty or bad...no one has to walk in your shoes so no one can judge you...your partner will have to support you one way or another thats what its all about a partnership even thou men can be a holes at times...just try not to think about it until you find out i know its easier said than done but you could be stressing yourself out for nothing...i have my fingers crossed for you x


Firstly I would try not panic yourself too much until you know if you are or not, which I know is easier said than done....You partner is just as much responsible for a pregnancy as you are so why would you feel ashamed to tell him you are having his child?

I also live a long way away from my own family and friends so I understand how isolated you can feel at times, have you tried attending local baby and tots groups where you can share you feelings/worries with other mums. I found this really helpful when I first had my son.

Without knowing for sure whether you are pregnant or not it is hard to say what to do about the outcome but I'm sure whatever you decide to do it will be what's right for you and your family at the time. I hope that you get the outcome you want xx


Thank you so much for your replies. How soon would a test show up? In regards to my partner, I'd rather face it alone than put all that stress on him again, he would be very mad for weeks and that's not really an atmosphere I'd want the kids to be subject to. I've tried to take my oldest to toddler groups but he throws major tantrums when it's time to tidy up and since my lg has been here I've found it very hard to deal with public tantrums whilst having her to deal with as well so I've become somewhat of a hermit, however he is due to start nursery in January so things should get easier then. In terms of what's right for my family, i really don't know, it's not right financially, it's not right while we're still so far from support, it would mean less time to appreciate my two children and it would most likely be the end of my relationship, but despite all that could I have a abortion, could a kill my potential son or daughter? I would have to lay in the bed I made for myself, move closer to my family and just get on with it as well as I can as a single mum


I'm sure your partner wouldn't abandon u and his children just cos u got pregnant...I never had any support and it is hard...u should speak to your health visitor sometimes they can get your child into playgroup or nursery on a funded basis if u explain how hard your finding it with no support....you would have to wait 3 weeks to do a test but the g.p can do your bloods if u explain that your on the mini pill etc and your really panicking it will show up sooner but not sure how soon


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