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39+3 n feeling rubbish!!!

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I'm 39+3 n had been feeling ok tired but nothing to bad but last night I cud nit sleep terrible headache hips back n knees aching like mad n really uncomfortable braxton hicks one on top of the other today I feel so sick have just been back to bed got up n still feel awful is this normal at this stage?

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that was me yest. Though I'm a week behind you. Hopefully a sign baby on way soon. fingers crossed for you anyway x

Hopefully I feel terrible

Yep I felt like it all wkd.... think it's a sign things are near. ...well that's what I hope ;) I do feel lots better today thou x

Fingers xd! When ru due?x

not for another 4 weeks but i refuse to think it will be that long....i mean after 4 kids surely i should just sneeze and it will pop out hahhahaha ;)

Haha fingers xd u wont have to wait that long were ur others early? X

The earliest was 9days early so not that early but I did have a sweep at 37 weeks with my son hoping the evening primrose makes a difference so were have to see...;)

Hope your feeling a bit better now, your so so close :-) I could barely walk in the the last month with pelvic girdle and 10 days after birth I am still sore as my pelvis puts itself back together.

Are you actively trying to encourage labour? X

Hi cheeky monkey did u mean me? I will be induced at 39 weeks due to a previous section and big baby I'm scared of giving birth with my scar and havinga big baby. ... but I'd rather go into labour naturally. .. I've always wanted to start having contractions at home and being there until I need to go in but as I have to have antibiotics in labour I doubt I can do that... but my consultant will give me a sweep to try and get things started in hope that I dont have to be induced by if I do then so be it but after ahorrible experience before im starting to feel more anxious the nearer it gets im going to ask my consultant if i can have the same midwife I had with my last son The induction then was amazing...so were see what she says next week :) the evening primrose oil is supposed to soften ur cervix making a sweep more favourable but as u can't drink raspberry leaf tea after a section im now wondering about epo ... think I'm going to have to leave it to go whatever way it will go x

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Hey, no I was responding to Louise87 but its cool that you replied too. Has it been under 2 years since your section? I understand they don't like you to have a VBAC if its under 2. Didn't know EPO was another cervix softener, 1st time heard it mentioned.

I get this feeling if I was allowed to labour at home and wait until 5 mins apart I might have delivered in route to hospital!! I laboured quick for 1st baby (dilation not 1cm an hour as suggested - I did it in 3hrs) after they broke my waters following my 24hr pessary. I was aware of the 1st hour after waters then I zoned out for 2hrs then got to the active pushing. :-) Xx

Haha! That had me a bit confused for a while! Be careful with acronyms - EPO is something quite different in the medical field (erythropoietin)! :-p xx

Sorry Dr Fluffy, in Veterinary World EPO is 'Evening Primrose Oil' I must of slipped into work mode as I didn't even think about it :-p

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No nearly 16 Years I've had 2 vbacs since ... but my daughter was 9lb 10a week early so was petrified of havinga big baby. .I am having a growth scan next week but I don't think he will be that big if he comes a week early well I hope not! Its the waiting game gives u too much time to think! I hope u go into labour today lou! Fingers Crossed for u :)

I'm feeling a little better today thanks! Just want her to b here now iv been going on a long walk/waddle every day n bouncing on my exercise ball instead of the sofa when watching tv at night n drinking raspberry leaf tea! Ne other idea's to get her on her way?

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Sex if u can!

Have you been offered a sweep at 40wks?

2 MW's gave me this info....apologies in advance if TMI or causes offence!

Partner needs to abstain for 2 days prior to Sex following a sweep in doggy to get Sperm were needed, you need his prostaglandins at peak perfection! it's recommended sex again within 8 hours and you need to orgasm too, to release Oxytocin :-)

I still think alot of this is dependant on how favourable your cervix is but You have nothing to lose!! Good luck :) x

Think I get a sweep if I go over 40 weeks! Anythings worth a go :)

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