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Could this be the start of labour?


Hey everyone, Need some advice. I'm 40 weeks 6 days pregnant and have had twinges and pains, every 5/10 minutes since about 3pm today. It started this afternoon when I had diorhea and felt really yucky. But once I had something to eat at dinner time, I got this unexplained rush of energy and had to go on a crazy ocd cleaning spree. Since then I've had an awful sore tummy like period pains. But no plug/ contractions or waters breaking just yet. Does this sound hopeful or I'm I just wishful thinking?

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Could well be yes! :-)

Its the waiting game that's most frustrating now but I reckon you'll know when its really happening for sure.



Yes sounds promising but can go on for a few days sometimesu don't lose ur plug or ur waters go till ur in established labour. .. keep us posted on any more symptoms... I'm wondering if I'm on my way as been feelingreally sick baby has shifted position been in a really bad mood... and had lots of pains in my right ovary and having hot flushes. .. and headaches. .. I'm hoping things are slowly happening and not I'm coming down with something x

I will keep u posted guys. I just had a strong period pain like feeling which lasted about 2 minutes, and had a definated start and end. I'm hoping that was my first contraction starting. Was about 10-15 minutes ago now so hope I get another one soon and it wasn't just a Braxton hicks. Been getting sharp pains and niggles/twinges in between as well and baby being very active (don't know if this is a good sign or not). I'm getting my hopes up now so really hope its the real deal! Baby mother I hope this is the start of labour for you too, who knows our babies could be born on the same day lol :) x

Fingers crossed for you. Try to relax....and baby will come :-) Xx


Ohhhh sounds very promising ur be holding that baby soon xx

I'd say it sounds promising, I went for a Sunday dinner during the day before my waters broke but kept having to stop eating during contractions, don't know if it's same for everyone but my contractions were just like really strong period pains all the way through never had pain on my bump or anything! Good luck!! X


I really hope so Hannah and you have avoided your repeat sweep & induction! It is looking good if you have not been back on in 14 hrs! I Hope you prove that midwife wrong and baby is on the way. All the very best. x

All quiet on the Hannah front...keep looking for you!! I hope this means you are in hospital and bubs is in route or even better arrived and you just haven't gotten round to telling us.... :-) Xx

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been on in a couple of days and have been keeping you all hanging. Sadly, still no baba, still pregnant. I have been in agony the last couple of days, constant cramping and in constant pain. I had contacted midwife and she told me I could be in pre labour and to take paracetemol and try and get some sleep. I managed to get about 6 hours sleep altogether last night and woke up to a bloody show. I have the midwife today at 2pm so hopefully she has some good news for me :) Thanks for all your messages girls x

What did the midwife say? Good news? x

Hi Hannah, did you have your baby?

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