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ITCH, ITCH & more Itching :-(

Hi ladies

I dont wanna jump to any conclusion as it will only make me worry more but I literally feel like I wanna tear of my skin tonight.

All ive being doing (for the last few hours now) is itching.

The worst part is the worst "itchy" area seems to be my back & ive almost straining my arms and wrist to get to it.

Im now 33wks into pregnancy & I do "thankfully" have a ante-natal appointment coming up on Wednesday afternoon so I will be mentioning this then but can I just say OMG, WTF IS going on.

LOL! :-)


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I've got a rash over the top of my chest...I had one all over my stomach last week but that has settled. .. is Horrible isn't it get ur oh to give ua good back scratchthen smoother it in cream x

I will do but these "bloody men" especially mine "at the mo" seem to treat me like a fragile china doll or something.


I had something very similar and on the advice of my health visitor, went to the docs before waiting for my next midwife appointment. I'm glad I did as it turned out to be cholestatis and I needed treatment. I don't want to scare you, and hopefully it's just the standard pregnancy itch, but there's no harm in being checked out. Here's the nhs link for more info :

Hope you are ok xx

I had an itchy rash on my belly last pregnancy, can't remember how many weeks I was. It was a Saturday and my OH was away for the weekend. I sat in the DAU at the hospital for about 3 hours and finally they told me they didn't know what it was, but made me wait about an hour for a prescription of antihistamine!

A soothing cream should help. If it's still really bad go to your GP, they can prescribe something. Hope you feel better soon.

I'm having the same problems at 33+3. I suffer with eczema which has flared up in places I haven't had it since I was a child and I have odd patches here and there on my stomach, where I've never had it before. Just keep covering myself in aqueous cream!

Sometimes it just feels like it's my clothes irritating my skin & I just want to walk around in a big floaty dress all day! Unfortunately I don't think work would be too thrilled. Hope you feel better soon but if you get dry skin I recommend aqueous cream - I've used it all my life & it's fab :-) x

OMG, my skin is driving me up the wall too. I've had a tendency to have eczema flare ups when I've been stressed in the past - usually on my arms. My midwife told me that pregnancy can either decrease symptoms or exaggerate them. I now have rashes on my arms, back, my bump and parts of my thighs. She took blood as a formality, to check for something to do with my liver?? Then advised I tell my GP when I go for my whooping cough vaccination to see if there are any creams they will recommend, as I've only been using E45 cream.Usually I'm quite good at not scratching myself or irritating it, but I seem to really go for it in my sleep! Also have dry skin on my face and lots of spots have appeared in the last week - definitely not got that pregnancy glow LOL. Let me know if you find a solution! x

I had a rash all over my tummy, I am 33 + 6 I think it was a heat rash. I put cream on but still felt itchy itchy itchy.... so I give in and scratch but over the top of my clothes not on the bare skin lol.

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It has been a Lil' warm in the midlands area the last few days but nothing enough to get heat-rash or anything. I just can't figure out if its uncontrollable itching or just me being irritable.

ah-well it hasn't stopped the baby from giving me some good-old jabs in the ribs this morning LOL!!

I am not sure if you saw it but I replied to your last post on itching a few weeks ago. Definately tell your midwife or GP.....cholestasis can be diagnosed with a simple blood test and if it is that you need to know so can be closely monitored. I have had it three times and looks like I have it again already with this pregnancy even though I am still very early. It can seem scary but if they diagnose it then mainly has a good outcome with right treatment. Could also be many other things causing you to you have a rash? Normally you wouldn't have a rash with cholestasis. I can so sympathise with the advice to help it is stay showers, cool cloths on area....I even resort to having a fan pointing straight onto worst itchy area. Good luck hope all turns out ok xxx

Thanks :-)

Yes I think I do remember your response to me the last time I posted this question.

I must admit it did get "slightly" better since then but then the itch has returned recently.

I dont seem to have a rash or anything but I definitely will mention this at my ante-natal appointment tomorrow.


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Good luck with it...always better to be safe than sorry is my motto very likely will just be normal pregnancy itch fingers crossed for you xxxx

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