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When did everyone feel baby move for first time?

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Im 20w tomorrow and i dont think ive felt baby move yet, ive had occasional feelings and think it might of been but not really sure? Is it really obvious?

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Every pregnancy is different, I felt my 2nd and 3rd baby early but this time around I never felt my little girl move properly until 18 to 20 weeks, before that was fluttering and thinking,,, is that baby or isnt it? lol


With my first pregnancy I didn't feel what I knew for definite was a kick until I was around 22weeks, I'm now 26wks with baby number 2 and have felt him/her move since around 16weeks.

It will start off as just a flutter that could easily be mistaken for wind but then as baby gets stronger so does the movement and kicks. Once they do get stronger you will definitely know about it as they love nothing better to kick you in the ribs or bounce on your bladder. x

Everyone is different, I felt my first about 21 weeks 2nd about 16 weeks and third about 21 weeks. Mine felt like bubbles in my tummy, I thought it was wind.

Thanks, a lot of people i know had already felt theirs by now and was just starting to wonder, got my scan on thursday so im sure ill feel better once had that :)

I didn't feel anything till about 21-22 weeks. I asked at my 20 week scan because I hadn't felt anything and she told me to only worry if you get to 24 weeks with no movement. So don't worry just yet xx

I felt mine at 16 weeks but as all the other girls have said, everyone is different :) x

I first felt 'bubbles' at about 16 weeks but then nothing really definite after that until I was about 26 weeks. I knew I would feel it eventually but it is quite upsetting when other people go on about it when you are further along than them. You feel like there is either something wrong or you are missing out!

It can depend on a few things; your weight (if you are a bit bigger you might feel it later), your stomach muscles (if they are strong you might feel it later), the position of your placenta (if it's up front, it will cushion the kicks), and of course, the position of your baby - they might have their back to your front so are kicking inwards. Mind you none of them were in my case; I just think my baby was lazy!

because of this forum i felt similar to what they described as the flutterings from around 15weeks and stronger kicks around 17weeks, without the knowledge though, i wouldnt have known what to look out for xx

I am 19 week and four days and haven't felt any kick yet. though I felt that butterfly like movement when I was 16 weeks and still feel it. this is my first I don't even know how it feels even if it starts now.... so don't worry it will definitely start to some point.

Dont worry. I didnt feel anything until about 22 weeks. From about 17weeks onwards all everyone kept asking was ''Can you feel kicking yet?'' which made me feel a bit sad because I felt nothing. Then when we went for the 20wk scan the sonographer said the placenta was right at the front and thats why I couldnt feel anything, because the baby had a 'cushion' to kick against. Then all of a sudden one night in the bath I got a definite kick, and my belly moved...and its continued from there. Every week feels a little more active and a little bit stronger. Im 25 weeks now and enjoy feeling her moving about in there xx

I felt nothing until 24 weeks which really concerned me but apparently this is normal for first baby and i already had a squishy large tummy before pregnancy. I am now 31+5 and feel regular movements but it's really not the kicking and jabbing that i was expecting. It is as has been very well described above by bd123 like fish swimming around in your stomach. And now i can see my stomach move in waves like a wave machine which is very weird but loveloy to see. Movements come and go too which can be a worry but as long as they always come back everything is fine. Enjoy it but don't worry yourself about it x

Yup second all those comments. First babies are less likely to be felt early on, it can depend on your size before pregnancy and each baby is different - I am pregnant with my 5th and have only felt a little bit of inching around in the last few days (I'm 20 wks and like Queenie placenta is at the front) whereas with my last one it was more like 17wks. Not to worry at all.

I am almost 34 weeks with my first baby and it was almost 26 weeks before I felt anything for definite. Best way I could describe the first feelings was like a small 'pulsing' feeling - not butterflies or wind as some describe it! My placenta is up front so the baby had a cushion between me and it which is why it took so long to notice/feel anything. Still don't get 'kicks' as such but movement is stronger and more frequent. Don't worry I'm sure everything is just fine.

Everyone is different. This is my first pregnancy and I noticed what felt like a rolling sensation from about 16 weeks. But took another 2 or so weeks before i felt definate kicks. I agree with the above as wouldn't personally describe it as a butterfly feeling more of a pulse too. My OH was able to feel it from 21 weeks. Don't worry if you haven't been able to feel anything yet tho, there are many factors like position of the placenta etc.that can affect when you can start feeling it. All the best on feeling those little kicks in the near future :) x

Yeah everyone is right, am having my first child amazing and to my surprise i started feeling them little flutter of movements at 16 weeks.

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