My labour induction day today!!!!

Hi everyone all mums n mums to be!!!;-)))

Am going in today or tomarow for my labour induction !!! Will b induced ....;-) finally can blow out all the air n stress !!! N pop the baby out!!! ;/))

Am having half water birth n the end half delivery on bed!!!

Just cnt wait ... Right outside st Thomas hospital the view is great as you can see Big Ben/ westminister n London eye from all the labour rooms!!!...

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  • Oh wow good luck! Xx

  • Ahhh all the best x

  • Oooooh good luck!! And lucky you! Sounds fantastic......I miss London like crazy! x

  • Good luck :) x

  • Thanku mums.... Need ure prayers.... To huff n puff lol...;-)))

  • Good luck!! Hope it goes really smoothly :-) x

  • Good luck:-)

  • All the best today and what a great view, gives you something to focus on. Will eagerly await news of the new arrival. Is your babies gender a surprise?? Xx

  • Good luck xxx

  • Sounds fantastic :-) And exactly what I am hoping for, A water Birth / or half water then no doubt on the bed on my back.

    Good Luck xx

  • Yes it's a bundle surprise!!!! Prince or a princess!! I don't care... Just need a baby to cuddle ... Mmmmm

    Thanku mums keep me in ure prayers !!:-)

  • Good luck! We were team yellow too :-)

  • Same here ;-)

  • Hi :-)) what team yellow....

    Am still here very sleepy n just waiting eagerly ...

    But lying n toeing n getting as my much rest as possible!!!!

  • When was the induction started? I was induced 10 days ago, 24 hr pessary then waters broken, my baby boy arrived under 5 hrs later, would have been quicker but I had to deliver his head and arm together. My little superbaby :-)

    My planned water birth was never considered, I had asked few times once they said they would break my waters but then everything happened so quickly and 1st baby too

    Excited for you Xx

  • How cum darling took ten days :-0

  • Didn't take 10 days, I gave birth 10 days ago :-) following induction. I was induced within an hour of being admitted, how comes your still waiting? :-(

  • Hi mums!!:-)

    Still here waiting.... To b induced.....

    But they still keeping me on wait period it's getting really frustrating .... I feel to go home!


  • Bet your going out of your mind with waiting x keep positive hun baby soon be here xx

  • :-0 ... Tired

    Zz x am gona sleep.... I hope tomaro will b good news..