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Raspberry leaf tea.. Does it really work?

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Hello ladies, im 34.2 weeks. I was wondering if anyone may know if raspberry leaf tea really helps with the second part of labour, the pushing part?! Heard that it helps to make that part quicker? Any thoughts, advise or past experience is great.. Many thanks

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Morning, I really wish I could answer that for you, I was drinking 1-2 cups a day from about 38 weeks. My labour: membrane to delivery was 4.45hrs, which was with 1hr 40 mins of pushing, 1st baby too! I arrived in the labour suit and I said 'baby will be out in 30 mins' the voice of determination!!

Didn't quite go to plan, the gas and air I was given as we entered 2nd stage started to slow down my contractions, I had to use it only when really needed it so I chose to have 3-4 breaths before I pushed and when he finally made an appearance we all quickly realised why I was struggling to make progress, he had come our like Superbaby, his arm wedged up along side his face/head so this had hindered the speed if delivery.

I would like to think it played a part yes, if it didn't so be it....I think for me, once he started to crown that's when I started to really have to graft.

Drink the tea I say, you have nothing to lose and best drunk real hot. It also helps to drink after birth to help contract the uterus X

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Think U have to start drinking it now to get the benefits.

I started drinking it around 36-37 weeks and my second stage was 2 and a half hours - with the half hour pushing. As cheeky monkey says, its helps to contract the uterus too so is beneficial for that. Ultimately, its different for everyone ) but I'd like to think it helped a bit! :) x

It's one of those things that's impossible to know whether it's helpful or not! Midwife told me not to touch it until 36 weeks at which point I worked up from 1 to 3 cups a day. 50 minutes of pushing for first baby and my uterus contracted back in to shape quickly, apparently. I like to think it helped but who knows, I'm drinking it again this time anyway :-)

You should double check with your midwife that she's happy for you to drink it before you do, some of them have strong feelings about it! Plus I think people with certain medical conditions are supposed to avoid it.

Nice with a bit of honey or drop of black currant squash mixed in x

Can raspberry leaf tea make you go into labour or is it just meant to speed up labour?

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My midwife explained to me that it does not speed up any labour, but gives your uterus stamina.

I took the tablets in line with her guidelines and my uterus snapped back into shape very quickly.

Regarding my birth, got to 8cm with just paracetamol, then gas & air, diamorphine, epidural & episiotomy. My Sons head was slightly rotated & needed forceps to aid him out.

I would use the tablets again if I'm fortunate to have another bambino x

Hi thanks for all the replies, will ask my midwife about drinking it on my next app.

Louise87 - it's supposed to speed up the second part of labor, the pushing part.. As for going into labour, I doubt it very much, but if u read online it says to start drinking one cup a day from 32 weeks just in case it does bring on labour... Again best to ask your mw. :)

I would definately say that it does have an impact, I had a very quick 2nd stage with my second and the uterine contractions were very powerful, baby was born 8 minutes after the waters went in the birthing pool. It was some going baby weighed 9lb 7oz and had a large head so I did suffer some tearing too. I do think that the birthing position is also important as gravity was also on my side!

Really RLT is good for uterine toning and strength so second stage is more effective, and of course anything that tones the uterus too early could result in premature labour hence the recommendation to use in only the last few weeks.

Like anything though it should be used in moderation and with a certain amount of caution too because for some people it's not suitable. I will be starting RLT but only from 36-37 weeks :)

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Abazi in reply to mamacool

Dose it really work then am 37 weeks and really want baby now 🍼🍼🍼

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