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Emotional wreck

Well at 38+5 I am officially a blubbering hormonal mess today! I watched The Jungle Book with my son this morning and the thought that Baloo the bear was dead reduced me to tears, the Robinsons squash advert on the tv had the same effect. And to top it off I just phoned to get a quote on my car insurance - when the guy managed to lower the price that I was quoted online by £11 I thanked him and promptly started sobbing down the line! I dread to think what he must have thought!

Is anybody else a raving emotional lunatic?? I've had Braxton hicks' and fairly intense tightenings coming out of my ears all week, and Max arrived 3 days early so perhaps this hormone surge is baby preparing to make an appearance - or perhaps I really am just a mad woman.

I hope the rest of you ladies are feeling much saner than me ;-) x

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Thank goodness I'm not the only one :D !!! go from super happy to unable to be cheered up in 0 seconds flat. To cheer me up other day OH spelt out our names in alphabet potato shapes and I had a little cry then! Poor bloke, I'm so emotionally unstable can see I'm him to a similar level and he is one of those blokes 'who doesn't cry', but he just doesn't know what to do with me anymore. One min I'll push away, next just want him to pay attention, next in tears for no good reason, and laugh for really random reasons. Laughed at the same downton abbey advert 4 times now and it isn't even that funny x


I was like that on and off from about 32 weeks ish.....I was working my way through the ER boxset and nearly ended up dehydrated I cried so much at every little thing! I was also moody for no good reason now and then and my boyfriend took the brunt of it...well, what else are they here for aye?? Lol! x


Hi hun

LOL :-) I thought it was quite funny when I read the part about when u "sobbed" down the phone to the car insurance guy. Poor guy :-)

Today actually turned out to be one of my good days as ive managed to not have a good-old sob.

Im now 33wks gone & ive "honestly" being close to calling my local MAU on some days because of the tightening / contraction type pains ive been getting.

This has not helped my moods at all & my poor OH is trying his best to do his ( man work bit) but it just doesn't help most of the time.



I'm 39+5 today as well :-) wierdly I've been a lot less prone to crying with this 3rd pregnancy. However, I have found myself laughing manically at things that others don't find all that funny and then laughing even more as baby reacts to my laughter!

I've had strong, but nearly always painless tightenings and sore breasts (think they are growing again!).


Im also a blubbering mess at 37+weeks! Baby no.3 I even cried yesterday just because my husband was eating a packet of crisps!!! (No idea why that set me off) sometimes I just dont know what to do with myself!! Dont remember being like this with the other two!! X


With my previous pregnancy I cried just watching an advert for toothpaste. At the moment I cry for no reason at all. Hormones are mean.


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