has anyone given their baby any medication in (crushed) tablet form?

I would welcome advice from anyone who has had to give their baby any medication in (crushed) tablet form from around 19 weeks old. My son is currently 11 weeks I am breast feeding and plan to start weaning him at 17 weeks. I have not introduced a bottle.

I was wondering of the best way to give him a tablet each day whilst we are on holiday - crushed in milk or with food and if so what food.

Also has anyone given a young baby malarone?

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  • I wouldn't think that crushing a tablet is a good idea at all, im unsure what the medication is? I urge you to speak to a doctor before acting on anything.x

  • I would get advice off Doctor on this one.....Am guessing it must be a prescribed tablet you are thinking of giving your baby so the doctor should be able to advise best way to give it xxx

  • My Doctor and Health Visitor are aware and HV suggested I seek advice from other mums ...

  • Discuss with a pharmacist - done tablets can't be crushed (enteric coated ones - else they get broken down by stomach acid and don't work)

    I'm not a paediatrician, but IIRC from pharmacology lectures, a lot of anti-malarials can't be given to children under a certain age/weight. How heavy is your LO?

    Personally, I think your HV is a little reckless defaulting this to other mums!! Talk to your local, friendly pharmacist - if it is outside their comfort zone they can contact the paediatric pharmacists at your local hospital for advice. X

  • I know that malarone can be given to a baby of my sons age and can be crushed - just seeking advice from other Mums on best way to give it

  • Wooo! Even with baby brain, I remember my pharma from 6 years ago!

    'Malarone paediatric tablets are not recommended for preventing malaria in children who weigh less than 11kg or for treating malaria in children who weigh less than 5kg.'


    I very much doubt your 11 week old is 11Kg, unless you're fertilising them increasingly well!

  • Confirmed on the SPC...


  • I find it a bit strange that a health visitor said to speak to other mums about medication, surely she should be saying yes or no not telling u to discuss it with other people, sounds as though she isn't sure herself. have you spoke to a gp about it?

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