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Best nappies?

I want to start stocking up on nappies for when little one arrives and what to know people's opinions on what brand to get? Amazon currently have pampers nappies on offer but have heard by many people that they leak so am unsure on weather to buy them or not?

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I've always used pampers but have used supermarket brands to but prefer pampers apparently aldi nappies are really rated I'm going to try them too. . But If u can get them on special offer is get the pampers... but don't get the simply dry ones they are a cheaper version of pampers and u can tell the difference

Aldi Mamia - without a doubt. Easily as good as pampers, but a fraction of the price (£1.69 a pack). They've won loads of awards too :-)

Only had one leak with Mamia in 10 weeks, and that was because I put him into size 2 a little too early x

I guess it all depends on your "financial" situation these days.

Im personally going to use more "reusable nappies" this time around as im now unemployed so my money is tight.

If you can get a few boxes of nappies at a special price id say go for it as by the end of the month they're be back at the usual "high" price.


Thanks for the comments, think I'll try out the aldi ones as I have heard alot of good reviews :) xx

We've started on bambino mio this week, now I've finished my antibiotics!

Cost aside aldi nappies are easily as good as pampers, and better than other brands (we had loooooads of odd packs of nappies as several friends bought us a pack!

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Yea ideally would rather go for the cheaper option, especially if they are just as good as the high street brands. Haha same! Well, I've been given 2 packs of pampers so far but definitely going to get the aldi ones in. Getting so surreal now!!!! :D

heard lots of good things about Aldi's mamia nappies, give them a try as they are really good value for money and supposed to be just as good as the big brands x

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Thank you, definitely going to go with them heard better reviews on them than I have the 'popular' nappies x

My dad bought us a few boxes of pampers in a few different sizes which I like but I refuse to pay for them when own brand are just as good. I tried little angels as I know a few people who rate then but I found they were a bit too padded and leaked out of one side. They were a bit smaller than other brands too. We're now using tescos own and so far so good. Has anyone used the just for bums that kiddo are have? Tesco had a massive box half price at £15 but don't know anyone that's used them x

I've bought a selection from Tesco, Boots and Sainsbury's so going to give them all a try and see which are best. Have heard good things about Aldi nappies but there isn't one close by us :( x

Aldi or asda, both worked for my little boy! We put him in pampers overnight now he sleeps through but still in asda or aldi in the day.

I think it's personal preference at the end of the day though so I wouldn't buy too many of one sort until you know they work for you!

Waitrose essential nappies are as cheap as Asda I believe they are made by P&G who make pampers (but are about half the cost)!

I was lucky and people bought me nappies as gifts aswell as other things so am over run with various brands of nappies from various shops, so far have only used pampers and tescos but I don't think I will be buying anymore tescos as I personally don't think they are that great and they don't feel as good as in they feel extremely thin, I am using them during the day so I can keep an eye on them but at night been using the pampers and they haven't let me down as of yet.

Naty ones have been best for us - LO is preme so has a little bum. Pampers leaked.

I used pampers, Huggies, boots & tesco own with my 1st born, tbh they were all pretty much the same luckily I didn't have any leaks from any of them. Several people have said aldi nappies are really good too.

My son wears tesco home brand I have never had a problem with them. This time round though im going to be using little lambs bamboo reusable as ive been told they re very absorbent :)

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