Sorry but it's a general moan :( so fed up now and just don't feel human anymore :(

Aw it's been such a rough couple of days :( suffering now from bad pelvic girdle pain, major major back ache, cramps in my legs and all the bloody rest :( I'm 30 weeks now and in the last two days my bump has had such a spurt as was quite small before and I am literally feeling the size of a whale now! Small tasks and chores are becoming so hard to do now. All I can say is thank god I'm not working just now as would not be coping whatsoever. Little ones bedroom isn't finished yet and have only just started painting. Getting no help due to OH working sooo much and everyone else having full time jobs so it's pretty much up to me and I just feel like I can't do it!! Which is making me stress out as I feel so unorganised! Extremely annoyed today as my parents have asked me to take care of my younger brother and this is becoming a regular favour they ask of me. He is a usual grumpy teenager and to be quite honest I'm fed up of his moaning constantly!! He is blooming hard work to watch! To top it off my neighbours have been such pain in the asses!! They have a driveway attached to their house and only ever use it at night, so instead park in front of my house which does not have a driveway and constantly block me in or take up space so you can't get a car in front or behind them leaving me to park my car a mile away to walk to the house. I'm sorry, I must seem so petty but when you are struggling to get in and out the car and feel like a waddling duck with a ball shoved in between your legs it's such a pain in the arse!! I've spoke to her about it politely about blocking me in and her answer is "yes but it's easier for me". Never mind the fat pregnant lady!!! Urg please let these last 10 weeks pass quickly!! I want my little man and I want to feel normal again :( big sorry for the rant ladies but feel the poor OH gets enough of it already hehe ;) hope all is well with everyone :) xx

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  • Awwww huni :-( I think it's one of those days! How dare your neighbour block you in....cant you and oh block them in so they know how it feels lol. Take it easy hun its probably going to get worse before it gets better. Chin up xxx

  • I m 29 weeks and feeling fed up too Hun wishing next 11 weeks go really fast too... Chin up Hun x

  • Nice selfish neighbour believe they have their own drive that would really piss me off we have people Park from the station and they take up 2 spaces outside my house so annoying when u have to park up the Rd. .. when my little one was smaller id have to carry him in then go back for shopping! When I was pregnant before I ran out and askeda man to think about residents he was ok but there was this one woman who blatently kept doing it. .. but ur next door neighbour it must be worse! It's Horrible this last stretch u want to enjoy but it's a struggle hang in there ur get ur nesting I had mine now I've gone into a lull.... now I'm impatient can't wait to meet little mr x

  • Hmm, my mum having a similar prob with neighbours just at mo, though worse for the fact that they've only started doing it since they know a car will be there regularly when there wasn't before. As they have off road parking was a simple case of calling the council and pointing out that she'd asked for them not to park there. Does depend on local council though, a lot don't want to get involved in neighbourly disputes. Things will start to fall into place. Think its the stretch 30 -38 wks that seems the hardest, esp if you've got a lot to be thinking about otherwise, don't worry everything will get done. Then you just get impatient lol. Hope you feel better soon. Take a break and have a cream cake - always helped cheer me up a bit :) x

  • It's completely normal to feel down and need a rant now and again and this is the best place to do it as everyone is in the same boat and understands how u are feeling. I know it's crap you are sore but it won't be long to u have ur little bundle in your arms and it will be all worth it! Keep your chin up and good luck x

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