Due a second sweep tomorrow, will it work this time?

I had a sweep on Friday, about 20 minutes after it I had a sore contraction - I freaked out and the fear ran through me!! I actually thought this is is.. But I think the fear scared off the labour lol. Anyway, last week I was 50% effaced and 1cm dilated. I had my bloody show on the Saturday - so it did something.

I am now 2cm dilated and 75% effaced. Will it have more effect this time as I'm more "ready"..??

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  • U have a really good chance it will. .. of the hormones are being released then that will def help having sex tonight might actually kick u off too sounds like ur def on ur way! Good luck! :)

  • Thanks for the reply. Sex tonight before the sweep and tomorrow after the sweep!! I hope this works :)

  • The Fact ur dilated and ur plug has gone I do wonder if ur have the sweep. .. Pls let us know :) x

  • I will let you know tomorrow. Appointment is at 11.15 so hopefully by 12 I'm contracting lol. :) x

  • All the best! :)

  • So still nothing :( I'm bouncing on my ball and hip moving. Away to go to the park and walk walk walk!

  • :( sounds like anytime just need them hormones to start ur labour.. keep us posted x

  • Just a little update. Been having contractions for about an hour now, around 7-10 mins apart! Hoping its labour and not one of false alarms!!

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