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My 8 week old has just gone 9hrs between breast feeds, freaks me out!!

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Anyone else have similar things? I led awake for the last 2 hrs waiting for him to wake up! I have decided to let him wake on his own, and he normally only goes 6hrs at night, between feeds.

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Enjoy it hun! He a good boy x he obviously had a full tummy xx

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Don't panic. Feeding patterns do change as baby gets older. He's probably quite proficient at feeding by now and as he's getting bigger he can take more on board so he's probably quite contented. Provided that he's his usually self, with no indication of being unwell, enjoy the peace :)

I can understand how this would also freak-me out a Lil too, but it obviously means he's well satisfied with what your giving him throughout the day so well done you! :)


Wow Lucky u! As they get older they do change and u can have a baby sleeping they the night from this time. .. but I'd be the same can't help but panic. .

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Amazing, I think my lad was nearly two before we managed 9 solid hours ;-)

Don't worry, when they're very little they're 'supposed' to feed no less than every 5 hours but by the grand old age of 8 weeks he should be able to feed efficiently enough to satisfy himself for a bit longer (some babies just don't get that memo!)

So long as he's gaining weight steadily and getting lots of wet nappies, especially in the morning there's nothing to worry about. Enjoy the rest mama! X

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My little girls 5 weeks and tends to stay awake most of the afternoon so ghastly started going 12-8. Although people keep saying to enjoy it I can't help but worry either but like my boyfriend says if she's hungry she'll wake up so make the most of it! I even have alarms on it the night for every 4 hours although I haven't used them for a week or so...

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My LO did that at about 8 weeks... Didn't wake for his usual 4am or 6am feed... I slept like the dead! Woke up, saw the time, my heart stopped, shot over to the crib, and there is was, happily grunting away! He's now 10 weeks.

We have hit and miss nights now - he either feeds at midnight, 4am and 6 am, or midnight and 7/8 am! Today was 8.30 - I love my sleep!! :-). I still panic every time he does it though! I'm equally not looking forward to the 4 month sleep regression phase!

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my LG did a 5 hours yesterday (week 7) and I missed a heart beat ! (but i am glad to get a heads up from your situation and replies therein) :D

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