Help Feeling constipated 37+2wks (sorry tmi)

This is baby no.3 but never experienced anything like this! last day or so I've been feeling really low and groggy! My asthma's bad again!!! just well and true fed up!!

Im been getring some quite strong twinches the last week low in my stumach, just think they are braxton hicks.

Today tho peanut has been fairly quiet not enough to call mw just quieter than normal and I have been having some really strong feels like im badly constipated (I know im not as go regularly sorry tmi)

& some times geting up from sitting and walking it feels like peanuts just going to fall out! Anyone else experienced anything simular? Know what it could mean?

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  • Yah feel the same a lot of the times. My baby likes to push down a lot lately bless him I can't wait to see him. I feel very uncomfortable when constipated so I make sure I have lots of fiber in my diet to help. I take a plenty of flax seeds, if I have porridge or muesli I add two big spoon full in it, then sometime in the day I have about half a glass of water and add another two spoon full and just drink it. Not very pleasant but I am so use to the taste that I don't mind it any more. They contain some amazing vitamins and omega 3 so no harm at taking them at all. You can get flax seeds at any health shop. Also I cook up super green soup, link bellow and have it twice a day with a little natural yogurt, it is actually very nice.

  • Hi there, I can fully appreciate your discomfort. The above post hits the nail on the head. Improving your intake of soluble fibre will help to loosen your bowels, oats, green veg linseed are all ace but this has to be matched regular fluid (water) intake. You know if your guts aren't working properly on top of a baby decending into your pelvis, you will feel miserable. Hope you feel better soon :)

  • I know that im definitely not constipated tho as my movements are fairly loose not quite diarrhoea (sorry) and I can go 3+ times aday! Just feels very much like I am if that makes sense?

  • I would guess that it is the pressure of baby trying to push him or herself downwards or possibly rotate in the pelvis ready for birth. The fact that you are feeling it differently could be to do with it being number three and some of your tissues being a bit slacker than before (no criticism intended, I am expecting number 5 and I've been there!) I always found that my bowels were loose not long before labour started and everything else sound like it could be heading that way too, I hope that is what's going on for you if you are starting to feel fed up (are you 39 wks or 37+2 days? if the latter I hope baby can hang on a few days!) I think because later babies tend not to descend into pelvis til labour they often put more pressure on your rectum in the later days of pregnancy. Hope you can stay comfy and get some rest before the big day. You getting more BHs today?

  • 37+3weeks! Been having alot more tightnings today been for a long walk round town which seemed to make them stronger (could be my imagination as have bad spd aswel) 1st baby was born at 39wks (induced due to prom) and 2nd incudced at 38wks due to other complications so never gone into labour by myself really quite scared about it actually x

  • That is great! I had my first baby after induction and I remember with my second being really anxious that my body just wouldn't be able to do it all by itself, but it did, and my labour was so, so much easier. Believe in yourself - you are going to be amazing and I bet you will feel so proud when your baby is here - and hopefully the spd will ease up then too. Get some rest, My money is on him or her coming before too long. Let us know how you are getting on! All best wishes. x

  • Thanks for your help sometimes we all just need abit of reassurance! X

  • Have u seen ur g.p about ur asthma? It's very important that u get it controlled I've had my steriod inhaler changed again it's amazing how fast u can go down hill.. and scary x

  • I'v really struggled getting in to see my gp been trying all week saw mw on friday as she managed to get me an appointment for monday so lets just see what they say this time! Thank you xx

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