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41 weeks 3days pregnant


ive got maternity assessment 2moro to see how things are progressing, if my cervix hasn't changed im getting a pesery, but if things have changed I will get home then ive to go back on fri at 8am to get started, any one been started? how is it ?

the thing is just from yday I have got piles :( I am in agony with them, I didn't manage to get appointment to see doctor but he wrote me a percription (proctosedyl)

ive just had it from yday but im still in pain its not ease in the nippiness at all,

anyone got any advice what could help them,

im getting so worried as I know I will be in labour within a few days. thanks x

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Go And see if they can give u xyloproct is stronger also I know this sounds disgusting but put a melted ice cube up ur bottom. ..I had really bad piles and was in agony a couple of weeks ago and I read it on the Internet well it really helped. .. leave it to melt to half the size. ..and pop it in.. it helps shrink them quickly also I found salt baths helped and take a couple of paracetamol and don't stand for too long. The Pressure of standing or walking makes it worse.. make sure u take ur cream withu to hospital they will only give u anusol which is rubbish when u have it bad also if u are constipated it can make it worse. . So If u can get glycerin suppositories to clear u out I used them after someone on here...suggested them good luck all the best for induction x


thanks very much for the advice, I will try anything to relieve the pain, im going to try that now with the ice cube, then I,ll go in a salted bath, a few paracetomol then try & get a decent sleep tonight,

I think that's what makes them worse with me standing a lot im always on the go with having two other kids,

thank you babymother i.ll let you know how I get on x


Wondering how u got on hope your feeling a bit better today x


your a star I feel so much better today :) I done what you said and it has worked :)

great advice :)

im just back from hospital they let me home as I don't need to get a pessery as midwife said they will manage to break my waters, im 3cm dilated, ive to go in to labour ward at 8am 2morro, mw done another sweep today so fingers crossed I maybe go my self tonight, if not I know "moro will be the day, im nervous but so excited x


oh & I had a much better sleep lastnight to, the salted bath & parecetomol must av worked wonders :)


Oh great makes such a difference when ur not in pain pile pain makes me feel ill!hope all goes well tmw look forward to ur story :)


aw I know what a relieve that theyr not sore now,

thanks very much, im all set for today hope all goes well &I have a quick labour, a, hoping x


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