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So I went to get a sweep done today at 40 weeks 1 days and it failed :( Midwife couldn't get into my cervix because the baby's head was covering it, and this may be because she is in OP (back to back) position. The sweep itself was really uncomfortable and a bit sore, She has booked me in for another one next week but I really don't know if I want it done again. The midwife also said my cervix wasn't ripe enough and that she didn't think labour would be any time soon so I am booked in for an induction on the 29th September. To say I am disappointed is an understatement! Feeling really fed up now and had a really crap day, just want her here now I am fed up waiting :(

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Aw hun I know your probably fed up of hearing it but babies only come when they are ready and want to.she is toasty inside you and got everything she needs :-) she will be here soon xx

Fingers crossed she's here sooner than later, really don't want to be induced :(

I Have been reading about evening primrose oil Google it and see what u think and go on net mums and type it in alot of the mums on there have used it u can see what their experiences were it sofens the cervix it contains prostaglandins the same that's in sperm im going to buy some this week Alternatively have sex daily x

I will have a look at evening primrose, I'm going shopping tomorrow so I'll have a look for it, do u think Holland & barrat might do it? It sounds far more appealing than daily sex lol - feel far to uncomfortable and sore for that malarkey haha x

Holland And Barratt are too expensive tesco much cheaper x

Oh I didn't know tesco done it. I will try there then thanks x

hi, I know how you feel im in the same position as u, I had a sweep at 39w5 days then again at 40w5days & none of them has done anything, im now 41w3days, ive got hospital 2moro if there are any changes I will get home then im booked in for fri morning to get started, but if there aren't any changes ive to get a pesery&stay in hospital, im so nervous, this is my 3rd baby but I went my self with other two &was 2 days early with daughter& 1day late with son,

its so frustrating being overdue, but its true baby will come when its ready, I used to believe in all the things to start labour but ive tried everything and still no baby yet,

goodluck x

It is so aggravating isn't it? I have tried everything too, exercise ball, pineapple, hot curries etc and nothing has worked for me! I think they must all be old wives tales cos they aren't working at all. I hope you go soon x

This happened to me but she did the sweep 2 days before my due date which failed. She then did a home visit the week after on the Wednesday and did a 'successful' sweep. I was having contractions on and off from the Thursday night and my waters broke on the Sunday night so don't actually know if the sweep worked. My little girl was born Monday the day before I was supposed to be getting induced which was a relief as I wasn't looking forward to it. I know how you feel though I nearly cried when she said it had failed and had the face on all day! Good luck!

Hope my next sweep works as I really don't want to be induced! Fingers crossed xx

I tried everything too I was so fed up! Funny thing I posted a question very similar to yours after my fsiled sweep. Forgot to say when my first one failed she said my cervix was too high, I wasn't dilated at all and my baby wasn't engaged however the week after when she did the second one I was 1cm and she was 2/5 engaged so not sure whether it totally failed. Don't worry it will happen soon.. Do you know what you're having? I know everyone says this but enjoy every second it really does fly! Lily is nearly 6 weeks and it only seems like yesterday! Don't know where the weeks have gone!! X

Yeah we are having a little girl! Aw Lilly is such a nice name, it was actually one of he names I liked but we already have a Lilly in the family so sadly couldn't use it! The mw said her head is 3/5 engaged but just couldn't get into my cervix because of her position. How long after u had your second sweep did u go int labour?

I had second one on Wednesday and started getting contractions on Thursday but they were irregular until Sunday. Got into bed Sunday night an after an hour of being in bed I turned over and heard a pop! Waters had gone at 11pm and she was here at 10.12am so not a long first labour really! I really do feel for ya though I know how fed up I was! Hope everything goes okay x

Hi Hannah, Don't be downhearted. Midwives like to sound like they can predict when labour will start (as do lots of other people!) but the truth of it is that it's not a science - the fact that your cervix doesn't look ready for labour today doesn't mean that you couldn't go into labour in the next few days, it was a not very considerate thing to say to you to make you feel like a watched pot! Is this your first baby? If so s/he is less likely to be OP but if midwife thought s/he was try spending some time on hands and knees or just leaning forwards - it doesn't have to be hard work you can just watch tv leaning over a bean bag or something. That could help your baby to flip round and then the head is in the best position to put pressure on the cervix which is what makes it start opening (hopefully your midwife said all this - it is a sad state of affairs if she didn't!). Also if you don't want another sweep remember it is up to you. Just say no if you don't. Same with induction - it is your choice. From what you say I make the 29th 40+11 - there is no medical evidence that induction improves outcomes before 42 weeks and after that there is only a slight rise in risk and it is still up to the woman to hear the advice and make her own decision. I HATE that they book in an induction date when you reach term or even before! I would guess that your date has been booked at 40+11 because it is a thursday which gives 24hrs for it work and get you out before the weekend - am I being too cynical here?! I can't pretend that postponing induction is an easy thing to do - doctors often kick up an enormous fuss about it but women should be presented with a choice and in most cases they just aren't. There is every chance that you will go into labour before then anyway, whatever your midwife says so stay positive and be kind to yourself in the coming days - try to stay distracted without doing too much and tiring yourself. All the very best to you.

Thanks for all your advice. It is my first baby so I am new to all of this. I am booked in for another sweep next Wednesday but I am really thinking about not getting it done, I found it really sore and uncomfortable. I have my induction booked in for next Sunday, really don't want to be induced so just hoofing our little baba makes an appearance before then x

Sweeps are one of those things that are done to make it look like something is being done! The truth is, where a sweep as 'worked' the lady almost certainly would have gone into labour on their own within 48h. The sweep stimulates a bit more prostaglandin production (so a mini induction I guess!) which can only work on a 'favourable' ripening cervix.

I was working in a woman's hospital in Austrailia when they changed policy to offer all ladies seen in clinic over 38 weeks a sweep... Didn't really suddenly alter demand for labour rooms!

Thanks this made me feel a bit better! Got another one booked for next week but seriously considering not having it because I found it really sore and uncomfortable. Resigning my self to the fact she will come when she's good and ready and no time before lol

Hello hannahpaton, just thought I would let you know my very recent experience of been overdue/sweeps/induction. Just got home with my beautiful boy William on Wednesday after being in hospital since Friday 13th(actually always been lucky for me!) I too had my appointment with my MW at 40+1 and decided might as well have a sweep while I was there to see what happens(my first baby so a little unsure) Wasn't uncomfortable at all for me but was disappointed when she told me she couldn't do an effective sweep due to the cervix being high/posterior, only dilated 1cm and only slightly thinning/softening, baby was 3/5ths engaged. MW only able to get one finger a little way through, disappointed but still not too worried I was just over my EDD. Left it for a week went back to midwife 41+1 different MW this time, very disappointed :-( had been seeing the same one for 7 months then on one of the most important appointments(to me anyways) someone id never met, Anyway decided id try another sweep, more uncomfortable this time and to my surprise was told the same as the week before, so unhappy things were not moving! Booked in to be induced on the Friday 41+3(was supposed to be the following Tuesday but due to not been booked in at 40 weeks(for induction in two weeks time) induction slots were full! Went home disappointed, sore and crying( still I might go into labour on my own before then??) Friday came no sign of baby so off to hospital I went. Friday had internal examination, same stage re cervix/dilation as before, pessary inserted after an attempted sweep, wait for 24 hours, (no leaving the hospital) mother and baby monitored throughout(every 4 hours BP and temp taken, Baby's Heart Rate monitored etc) 24 hours later pessary removed re-examined, still no change:-( no contractions, nothing, second pessary inserted wait another 24 hours, except at the end of this 24 hours no examination, I was told they were so busy on the ward and that they couldn't continue with the induction as the next stage(breaking my waters) required constant monitoring. If my contractions had not started within 2hours of waters been broken I would have to be put on a syntocinon drip after which baby's heart rate would be monitored continually until birth(so bed bound basically) and no MW/Rooms etc! I was woken Monday morning to carry on with induction, Given an internal examination, 13 days overdue now so im pretty sure I've made progress, no everything's the same, second opinion asked for another internal examination (ouch) The doctor said if he was able to stretch slightly to two centimetres he would be able to break my waters, otherwise it would not be possible to do so with the cervix being high and still about 2 cm in length(think polo tube) He was unable to even get one finger through, I couldn't believe it, Id been in hospital for what felt like weeks, no sleep, watching people come and then go with there baby's and after all that poking and prodding they cant break my waters, spoke to Husband/Mum and Sister who due to similar reasons had to have an emergency c sec 18months ago, and decided after 4 days of trying in hospital I would have a c section ,I felt disappointed like a failure in a way at the same time I felt I didn't have any other choice,(the consultants did say this) But I still wanted someone to reassure me and tell me I was making the right decision.(mum husband and sis all on side) Had the c-sec that afternoon, William weighed 9 pounds 14 ounces (what a whopper!) But perfect in every way, I was so happy I finally had him in my arms! Reflecting back now and chatting with other people has mad me realise a few things, the most important thing is William is here safe and sound(although not in the way I envisaged) and even if my waters had been broken, there is a chance I may not of started contracting on my own, so would of needed to go on the drip, and even then I may not of dilated fully to be able to birth William naturally (sister only ever got to 3cm).ending up needing a c-sec 24 hours later anyway. 6 days after going into hospital I finally went home, and that is the most important thing to me im going home with a healthy beautiful boy My advise to you would be to wait until at least 2 weeks over you EDD before going for an induction to give yourself the best chance of starting naturally, as even then with induction you may still need a helping hand, Good Luck! x

Hey Hannah, how you doing?? Any more signs?? Xx

Hey cheeky monkey! That's me 5 days overdue now. Was having lots of twinges/sharp pains down below last night, on and off every 5 minutes but nothing seems to have came of it. I managed to sleep okay and woke up with no pain so feeling kid of disappointed, though that was maybe the start of something! Think our baby knows how cold it is here in Scotland so is just staying in where it's nice and warm lol, because she is not for budging xx how's ur little one doing

Hey, we're all good thanks :) A good little feeder he is, breast feeding is team work I have found out or your get sore nipples!

Am sorry to hear your little one is staying in the warm, is it quite cold in Bonny Scotland? I'm way down south in warmer Surrey.

What's your next move? Sit tight I guess and use every natural remedy you know of with the induction looming on 29th .....just think though....a week today you should be looking into those precious eyes of your little girl, it will be so magical and worth the waiting I assure you that :-D (that is assuming induction pressary on Sunday to Deliver Monday) Xx

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