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Cramps and kicks?

So last few days started getting some cramping pains and occasional tightenings. Nothing really painfulor regular, maybe a few times a day, though is starting to make hip and back pain a lot worse so fingers crossed means baby won't keep me hangin on to long (though is two weeks til due date) and is moving down. But when do get tight pains baby immediately kicks really quite hard as if in protest. Anyone else had this?

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hey I am 40 plus 1 and have been having the same kinda pains and tightening's for the past fortnight, but they have been becoming more regular in the last couple of days. After the tightenings i get really sore kicks and movements. I have mentioned it to midwife and she says its just your body preparing for labour. I don't think its anything to worry about but if your unsure get in touch with midwife xx


:( a fortnight lol! oh well. Just have to be patient. I've never been very good at patience. Got midwife tomorrow, so will mention. Not really worried, think maybe baby is trying to tell me doesn't want to leave yet. Keep saying how nice it is out here, but doesn't seem to believe me! Glad not just my little one making protests, must be a weird feeling for them. Just want to meet them now. Think my OH the same, if only so I'll stopped whining about it :D x


yeah I think its your body getting ready for labour, I have been getting these pains as well, theyr nothing to worrie about, but as hannahpaton says if ur unsure get in touch with midwife,


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