I'd like to hear about anyone who has or is taking quetipine in their pregnancy?

I've got bipolar and my usual dose is 600mg a day. I have brought my dose gradually down to 200mg as I wanted to try for a baby. I'm 5 weeks pregnant now but I'm struggling with anxiety and insomnia as the quetipine used to make me feel sleepy but is not doing that anymore. I really ought to be on a higher dose as the lack of sleep and high anxiety are triggers for my bipolar. I would like to give 400mg a try. I'd like to hear from anyone who has had a similar experience or anyone who could offer some advice on how to manage my symptoms which are made worse by not being on my usual dose.

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  • I'm almost 35 weeks pregnant and was taking 500mg a day when I fell pregnant.

    The consultant at my 12 week scan advised I should get my dose as low as possible so that the baby doesn't suffer withdrawal at birth. I reduced my pills gradually and am now only taking 25mg a day. I found the first week or so after reducing my pills hard but my body seems to of got used to it.

    It's only in the last few weeks I've started not sleeping. The doctors told me to have my dose as low as I could by the time I was six months gone.

    Sounds like you should talk to your doctor as I know from experience having no sleep makes me struggle x

  • I increased my dose to 400mg and my sleep is fine at the moment. I don't think I could manage bringing it down any more at the moment due to suffering from acute sickness. Maybe if that wears off I could try. How did you gradually cut down? I cut down by 100mg each week from 800mg to 400mg. Maybe it would have been better to do it more slowly. What do you think?

  • Do you mind me asking what you take quetipine for?

  • I've got bipolar too. I cut mine down 50mg at a time usually every 2-3 weeks. I waited until I felt settled on the dose until I reduced it again.

    I started to reduce mine once my sickness was gone which prob made it easier :)

  • Thanks for that you've been a massive help. I'll give it a go once I'm feeling better :-)

  • :) I found it hard to start with but once the sickness goes you'll feel a lot better and the tiredness will wear off too. Take care xx

  • I've got my first appointment with the midwife next week. Although this is my fifth baby its my first pregnancy since having the bipolar diagnosis so no idea what to expect. Awaiting a new mental health team as well so haven't got a care plan yet and don't have a clue what might be included in it. Feeling slightly overwhelmed at the moment because not been seen by anybody in mental health yet and could really do with their input.

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