Hey everyone! After wondering whether Aunt Flo was ever going to visit after being over a week late and a negative pregnancy test, I finally got a positive result! Only recently moved aswell so not currently with a GP in the area so need to get it confirmed! I'm only young but I'm so excited it's unbelievable - probably only around 4/5 weeks I'm guessing! Anyone have any early pregnancy tips or things to be aware of? x

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  • Congratulations I found out with number 3 at 5.5 weeks just had my baby 11 weeks ago :-) If you get morning sickness buy some seabands from boots or any chemist wear them all the time except in the shower .... Life saver :-) take it all in your stride enjoy being pregnant, sleep when your body tells you too. Don't over do it. Drink plenty of water and take folic acid now until around 20 weeks or until you run out. Best of luck xx

  • Get folic acids straight away and vitamin D. Try and relax and don't stress but I would go and register with GP asap. Congratulations and enjoy your pregnancy :-) best feeling in the world x

  • Pregnacare is a good one to take has Folic acid and all vitamins and minerals especially for pregnant women congrats :)

  • Congratulations! I just got a general pregnancy multi-vitamin, which had folic acid in it. That's pretty much it for now, to be honest. Lots of sleep!

  • Congratulations!! Exactly what these ladies have said, take ur folic acid from now until 12weeks, avoid caffeine, runny eggs, unpasturised dairy and pate / liver foods. Enjoy being pregnant! and if u do feel the dreaded morning sickness, eat a biscuit or 2 before u actually get out of bed. I kept arrowroot biscuits beside me in bed and this helped stop me getting early morning dizzy spells that led to vomiting. Good luck xx

  • Congratulations xx

  • thankyou everyone! xx

  • Hi my boyfriend and I are trying to have a baby. I'm 12 days late I took a test the on Saturday and it was neg. I still haven't got it I feel like a getting a few signs of being pregnant. I just want to know haha

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