What's the difference between arrhythmia and palpitations?

So when go doctors I'm told have an arrhythmia. But not to worry, seems to come and go, and when does come doesn't last long. Presume it's related to my low bp. Always thought if heart just skips beats etc, but isn't permanent would be a palpitation? Like happens with an anxiety attack. Anyone know? Just wondering now out of curiosity as they've said might investigate after birth x


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  • My Son had an arrhythmia. .. and a heart mummur .. but only shows up when he is unwell.. they picked up on the mummur when he had an asthma attack but then picked up on the arrythmia when he had another asthma attack! But both are ok they call it an innocent mummur maybe urs only shows cos ur pregnant with the extra blood flow next time ur ill ask them to check to see if they can pick it up also get them to check advert u have had baby x sorry think palpitations are when heart beats faster x

  • Palpitations is the feeling if your heart racing - they can be normal (I.e after exercise, when stressed) or abnormal I.e caused by an arrthymia. An arrthymia is caused by problems with the electrical conduction in the heart. What did the doctor say your arrthymia was? Atrial or ventricular? Have you had an echocardiogram yet? Are you seeing a cardiologist?

  • They didn't say. Just that wasn't to worry about, they'll look into it in more detail after babys born. As am due 4th Oct that seems to make sense, but they picked it up months ago and apparently is on my records before that (in fact as far back as my teens) which I didn't know. Though first time had an ecg is when been pregnant, had a few of them now but no haven't had an echocardiogram yet, and no not seeing cardiologist. All to be sorted after baby is here as they keep saying no risk but not what's causing the problem. Thank you for explaining. My mum gets anxiety attacks and gets feeling of heart racing but I've not had the heart racing sensation. Just go a pale colour and sometimes feel lightheaded but not all time. Scared one of the nurses when on an ecg one day as my heart was apparently speeding up and slowing down far too rapidly and I was chatting away not feeling a thing. ended up in hosp with the docs sending me home saying everything fine x

  • duh - having dumb day - ecg = echocardiogram. Sorry baby brain on super high today. Yes had quite a few. quite often shortly after each other and on will show is all out of sync then next will show it's fine x

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