Anyone a young mother or was?

I'm considering having another baby before I start my access course (either next September or the one after). Reason being as I'd love to have my kids close together but if i weren't to have another now then it wouldn't be for 10 years. I'd only be 28, but apart of me worries about fertility etc. it's silly as I'd still be so young, but menopause runs early in my dads side of the family and most have had it between 27 & 30.

I was just wondering if anyone has had 2 children young etc

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  • I had my daughters at 22 and 23.... And when they started school I wished I had done an access course but I went back to work....if you thinking of doing something like that career wise then I'd get it all out of the way now...especially as there is infertility...but then again I didn't think id have more and here I am...the 5th on the way! U don't know what life has in store in the future so live for now and whatever happens in the future will long is ur access course if u start it next year u can still do it pregnant...bodies are designed to have babies in ur 20's and it gets harder when u have other children to look after too..

  • Access course is 36 weeks but to get my uni fees payed for i have to go straight into uni after so it would take around 3 years. There is after uni to have another, but then there's all the what ifs about a job etc.

    How did you "cope" with 2?

  • Hi hun im 25 and have 3 children eldest just turned 5 and youngest is 18weeks. When my children are bit older I plan to get a.part time job or possibly do childminding. Just do what you feel is right hun xx

  • I had girls lol I find the a lot easier! U just do I worked part time and it worked well for me as it was school time only so was perfect...and I was a single parent...but I really do regret no doing my access course and then I wanted to train as a midwife....I feel it would be too hard now as I have more children and I'm older! Looking back I should of done it then x

  • Lol you find girls easier? Im.the opposite lol xx

  • Really...funny isn't it i find my girls were quieter wanted to draw and play nicely...whereas my boys want to fight all the time, everything is a climbing frame...they are just so more boisterous got far too much energy thet get up far too early whereas I used to have to wake my girls up! I'm hoping this little man is more chilled :)

  • Lol both my boys are placid and far too chilled lol both currently watching show me show me on cbeebies lol quick get houseworkdone! LolLol.not long for you now :-) bet you cant wait esp with lots of births on here atm xx

  • Yes not waiting very patiently! Just want the new phase of my life to begin now! :)

  • My mum had her first (me) at 19, and her 5th at 30.

    I had my first at 37!

  • Hi im 23 will be 24 this year i had my first child when i was 20 hes 4 years now has started school. I was in same boat with you whether to have child now or go to college. Ive choose to have baby 5 weeks pregant :). As didnt want to much of an age gap my son would love a sibling. Im doing bit child minding on school runs and plan to study in 2015 or get a job. Do whats your heart feels i put having a baby off a year i thought i was to young to have 2 partner 29.i wish i did it sooner. Good luck x

  • I had my two girls when I was 23 & 25. It worked out well having them close together as they are still great company for each other (now aged 14 & 16). I am 39 now and was getting to the stage where they are quite independent - but I am now 38 weeks pregnant! I don't regret it though - this pregnancy was something my husband and I wanted for a long long time :-)

  • I was 20 and 23 when I had mine, I'm now 27 and pregnant with number 3.

  • Hi, I had my first at 19.. I was a single parent, found it quite hard financially. Felt I couldn't really have another baby so close. I did my nurse training in 2005, which was quite tricky to organise childcare around.. But managed it in the end, you just find a way. I'm now pregnant again at 33, my first child is now 13, big gap between them, but he's really excited about the baby. Life has a way of working out, do what feels right for you. Early menopause runs in my family too.. so do understand the worry that causes.

  • I'm 19 and my little girl is 5 weeks, she wasn't exactly planned but we own our own house and both have stable full time jobs so it was perfect timing really. I've been trying to look into a course or something I could Di whilst on maternity as I've only got my gcses and really don't want to go back to my old job...don't think we will leave it too long as we definitely want at least 1 more!! X

  • My younger sister is 10 years younger to me and we are still great company - she looks upto me not only as a friend but also her adviser (and I do get her in trouble with all the mischief advise at times :P ;) - pull her out too!! )

    I had my first 7 weeks ago, I am now 29, and I waited to get into my Ph.D before I could start a family (also waited to get the right Dad :P )

    I am not planning on having another born baby of me, as we plan to adopt an elder age kid in next 5 years (the kid might be the same age as my daughter than, or much older to her, but we are not bothered about that).

    Siblings would anyways love each other, irrespective of what games they can play together :)

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